Build A Little Social Cred Every Day

There are some people who hit social media and become instantly popular. Whether it be that they just have amazing personalities or bring in success from else where they electrify the scene. Often they know which buttons to press, and the learning process is swift. If you are more like me, social media is a journey. It is something I work on a little every day. I am constantly looking for new sites to interact on. I am constantly trying to meet new people in as many ways as possible. But I have learned that by exposing myself to the social situation I risk my reputation. But on the flip side people often educate me to the most important things I have learned about social media and life.

It is important that we bring our story to the table and celebrate it. People can sense self hatred in social media. The most attractive personalities online are people who are really into their world, what they say, and do.

Once your story is down it is always important to be self reflective and evolve the story with your life. People love profiles that are in a state of flux. People love it when other users are very active and interested in what they do. It is never a waste of time to leave a comment on some one's profile. Simple things like that add up and create ultimately the social capital that drives marketing and business success.

One of the biggest issues that people have told me about has to do with road blocks like their goal was to get a certain amount of friends and they can not seem to get more than a number. This common road block can be removed by figuring out how to remove it.

But in some social media games volume like in the case of Twitter will not get you more followers. You can change your tweets, increase promotion but at the end of the day take your energy to other sites. Social media is extremely transferable as many of the active users, actively exploit many sites. This means I can transfer people I know from Flickr into conversations on the Facebook. If people really realize the infinite potential of how to socialize online, they will become infinitely successful.

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