The 5 Pillars Of Internet Business Revisited Part 2

I believe I made a similar post earlier but I wanted to revisit this post for a variety of reasons. First some people were confused to the context of things like pay per click fit into the scheme. First off pay per click is one of the most recession proof marketing tools available. If you do not believe me try making a blog on a high traffic subject. Wait a few weeks and tell me how much you made. There is always a hot ppc market no matter where the economy is going. Just using market, and keyword discovery tools. :-) Secondly to really understand how online business works, without the pieces is like trying to build a Lego car without the instructions. Everything becomes very confusing fast. So here is the list:

1. The Attack - Business goes on the offense through marketing. How can anyone sell something seems to be the main currency of money making. Everything else is more administrative.

2. Keeping The World From Falling Apart - This is the business administration side of things. Book keeping, paper work, accounting, team work, leadership, and making the parts work well is fundamental to keeping the machine humming.

3. A Good Defense - Reputation protection is key in online business. If something is not good, the word spreads in a second then we have a problem. Right?

4. Tying Together the Web Properties - Many online businesses operate exclusively on free social media and free blogging services because there is no true need to really push the envelope on all of this already free publicity. But people need a road map so they can count themselves a happy conversion. If you have roads between your properties, and viral sales funnels you have done half of the battle.

5. The Next Generation - Any successful online business is a work in progress. No one tool is the cure for the common need for cash. Keep moving or the world will literally leave you stuck on a sand bar.

These are some of my components that make for a successful online business. What are some of yours?

- Joe Gelb

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