Why You Would Want To Incorporate Your Blog Content Into Twitter

To succeed on a blog is difficult enough. Many people do so by creating 100 blogs that link in to the master work. Others get big by getting attention while others just do what ever it takes.

The world of blogs is as congested as any event could possibly be. It is hard to even compete for the local niche these days because we all know how tireless these 'citizen journalists' work.

I mean that is the thing do bloggers ever eat or sleep? I highly doubt it. So why not have some post to twitter type of widgets help you gain readers and traffic while you sleep?

We all know how important traffic is to making money, SEO, and leveraging the mass media mechanism that the web has become. If you site is all over Twitter I would call that good exposure. And when some one else promotes your site it is much more powerful then if you were promoting the material.

We must also keep in mind that blogs frequently sited on Twitter tend to get many great comments, have higher reader engagement and are more likely to go big.

You will also gain more Twitter followers which in turn feeds into your whole personal online brand.

I believe that you deserve to have your friends, fans, family, and neighbors promoting the blog content that you work on everyday with services like Tweet Rooster.

This is what the button looks like.

I like the whole call to action Tweet About It slogan. That would also make a good name for a band.

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