Why Silicon Valley Is Irrelevant

There is a general misconception among many would be Internet business pioneers (you) that perhaps it is either impossible to succeed on line, or that they missed the boat. The very same people who pushed me online and told me how it is the future are the same people who seem to not have much faith in social media. Here are some common lines I hear about social media and online business. (I believe they are all false)

'[Social media] is good for search, but a waste of time to participate in.'

'My dream is to sell computer parts out of my garage and not waste my time online.'

'No body ever gets famous doing YouTube.'

'Technology changes so fast that trying to do anything is just a waste of time'

'It is just a silly blog spot blog.'

'I will try only when I get the big idea.'

'Only creepy people upload their pictures to Flickr.'

'Why would people even care about what I have to say?'

'It is impossible to make money online through advertising.'

This list is extremely endless. What troubles me are the contradictions in people's logic of wanting to be successful in business but at the same time not seeing how the online game works.

There is no better time or place for opportunity. As technology improves the cracks in the glass ceiling online are getting bigger. Twitter is the best example of this. In a few words Twitter is much easier and more effective way of leveraging a brand than any other user generated content aggregation system. The mystery of this still baffles me but I understand the currency of Twitter.

There was a time when the online world was much like the real world. A few people controlled the majority of the resources. But as technology was created to be easy to use, the Internet went back to the people in a big way. The inventors of this technology are rich, and the top bloggers are now famous but one thing remains the same and that is you matter.

You matter more than you realize you ever could. Your importance transcends your Friends, or the friends of your friends or their friends. All of those formalities matter less and less as technology and online society evolves. Social media is judged in how big of an impact a person can make with zero friends. And the answer is with Twitter and the soon to be released Google Wave you will become extremely important. The only catch is that if you do not use this stuff then you do not really exist. You are checked absent. This is a strange paradox where it seems that we can not have fractions. We either are online or we are not.

So what does this all mean to people who have a fierce interest in Internet business? This means many things. First of all the seemingly most important people online want to collaborate with you. Countless guru level people want you to help them with their projects, they want you to internship with them, they want to connect with you at conventions, and most importantly they will give back if you do this.

What is the reason for this? All experts online to create their level of success did it through using somewhat formulaic systems. They link here, say this there, and talk about that. They have been repeating these things since the 80s or even way before. But now what they say does not matter at all. Why? Because I can say something similar here, or just set up an aggregator and infuriate the pants off of them. Their solo projects no longer matter because of what a powerful force wikinomics and mass collaboration have yielded.

What do they want out of you? To be honest if you have hung around 99.9% of the people out there that follow their supposed passions, they do so for strictly monetary gains. How many people in Silicon Valley or any other tech scene are really there for the love of what they do. I bet they are just riding the wave for money. Am I not right?

Every guru is flooded by these pesky people who come in with the wrong intentions. Most people as a result lay out extremely heavy filters for this. They won't return your email, they will talk to you but they usually call it off.

If you enter the situation with realistic intentions, realistic goals, and honestly want to lend a helping hand your prayer will be answered. There is an extreme scarcity of people who have a genuine interest to learn the craft, to work hard, and in the end pay back for the time. If you can fit the bill the door is open if you know how to find it.

How does social media play into this? The basic premise of social media leveraging is that if you give something away for free then something will come back. The gurus have complex systems of monetization where a slight increase in their network size, work output, or associations will help them gain hundreds of dollars at least a day. This is how the social web is more powerful driver of money than the world wide web.

Do you have examples of where I could find these opportunities? I was recently searching for expert marketers to watch on YouTube of all places. I found quite a few high caliber marketers who specifically wrote on their profile 'I am looking for hard working people, to help me with my online business.' Basically they figured out the system (In many cases this is just a large cash generating well marketed private affiliate program. Have you heard of Post Affiliate Pro 4?) and want you to help them do certain things to help them make more money. Your job is obviously to help them. In return you will get compensated a wage or a percent. Part of these deals are also that you have to make video recommendations about the guru to help them gain more traffic and leads. This whole system sounds a bit simple, antiquated and something people would do on rocking chairs but it is actually the future of Internet marketing. Basically collaboration and cross promotion benefit all people doing this. Think of this system as a business that is in the profession of generating leads, which can be anything. Some people are power sellers on eBay who need people to help promote their bulk discount mall. Other people are just expert affiliate marketers. The newest and most surprising player in this game are none other than big businesses and corporations. They realize that they can get a lot more money by working with people who work online. You can then put this on your online profiles, your work resumes, all the while taking what you learned to further create a residual income online.

What is the end result of this? Basically a breed of highly collaborative entrepreneurs are being born every second. They scour the web in packs and make a lot of money while everyone else is busy checking their mail box and sifting through spam. Most gurus are up to date and too have bloggers to help them, web designers to design, photographers to take film or whatever. Basically there is a brain bleed from the tech scenes of the world (Silicon Valley Included) because the Internet is such a pervasive and global event. As computer access expands this gulf accelerates exponentially to users with full access and the willingness to take advantage of an infiniate ammount of opportunities. Nobody cares that you live in Atlantis, on the moon, the north pole, or the in Outback of pluto. If you are online then you are here. In this spot, in that spot and everywhere. Pretty amazing. Your passion will open up doors for you if you believe in it. It is time to walk through those doors and change the world. Use the wealth of free information as your education, use your online success as your transformation, and use your life for recreation.


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