Why Don't You Bring Twitter Elsewhere

Why sit around and wait for your Twitter account and promotions to go viral? Take action today and see the difference a day can make in your Twitter obsessed life.

There is a reason that the social media elite take their accounts everywhere. The reason is that links work. Banners work. Twitter banners with your posts work. Check this out:

'Why not get a Twitter Sticker. Bring your tweets to the adoring world. Winning social media is that easy and fun.'

When I first heard of the importance of promotion I thought is was some kind of joke. And sure if you do a little promotion things will not jump. But if you do a lot of promotion over the years things build up and reach a tipping point. Your promotion draws links. And wait Google loves links so in effect we are vying for a limited ammount of links in an unlimited world.

But that is what Twitter and viral stickers are all about taking the game to the next level. Having the right sticker is the difference between social media guru and someone with no followers. I am working on printing out those bumper stickers with my twitter address as well at http://www.twitter.com/josephgelb and people will follow me while following me in traffic. Pretty good idea right?

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