Who Is Tissa Godavitarne

I want to on this site shine some light on some of the gurus out there. I am not getting paid for it and honestly do not know if these people make any money. But I am obligated as a reporter of the Internet to talk about these things.

One such person is Tissa Godavitarne that you can watch in this YouTube video. If his credentials are legit then Tissa Godavitarne seems to have achieved a lot of success online. His methods include AdWords arbitrage, niche marketing, site promotion, search feed seo among other things.

According to Tissa Godavitarne you do not need to pay anything at all.

I wish Tissa Godavitarne has a real website out there so I could read about his methods but all the same. I guess he is making money and not spending time on a website.

I actually checked out one of his search engines. The site overall was simply constructed but has money making features built in. Basically it is an engine designed to build leads off of search much like Google targeted search but with affiliate programs. I could see this being profitable.

What are some of the negatives? He claims that his worst students make around 5 dollars a month. Unfortunately any blog with an affiliate banner up top that pays 30 per conversion will walk away with much more in a month. (I make money with no skill level) so I wonder why his methods are better. On the other hand these students may not have a big sales funnel and I am comparing it to blogs that I leverage in social media, search engines. The difference may be that they are on the bottom of the serp, and run little inneffective promotion. I guess even the best program will not make cash if not implemented.

Tissa Godavitarne does claim that he will help promote your site in his program so there is collaboration. I believe that working together is the future of online marketing and it makes sense. We all have skills and combined with promotion exchanges we can all be unstoppable.

I read on Tissa Godavitarne's landing page that he does attend the big time marketing seminars, affiliate seminars, and sales seminars so if you want to connect I am sure you could learn more if his programs are any good from him.

If anyone has ever tried Tissa Godavitarne's programs please leave a comment and tell us if it is legit, how much money you make, how it works, and if you would recommend it.


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