Where Are The Twitter Hives?

Cities generally have many Twitter users because there are many people in one place. Each city has a Twitter click where there is a lot of bouncing of ideas within the city.

If we drew a map and connected the replies between Twitter users everything would come back to some person sitting in the middle of some city somewhere just ignoring real work as usual! This is excellent because that is what the entrepreneur life is all about. Setting our own hours. Doing what we want. When we want it. And answer the how question also.

There are many great Twitter tools that help us enter these hives and talk to the queen bee. City Tweets is the magical tool. I love watching the tweets happen then replying to a person that I know little about. That is what Twitter is all about. Twitter has put the SOCIAL back into the game of social media. At Least I believe it has done a good job of that.

The game can be changed by targeted interaction with perfect strangers. I approach the City Tweet game like any other. If I live in Mexico City for example I would target people in Mexico City and people who bring it up in conversation. Thus geography becomes a commonality to build a long lasting business relationship.

Usually courting a stranger occurs in 3s. We first make contact. In the contact stage we exchange Tweets that are the equivalent of 'nice weather.' The next stage would be to bring the person to the list, become a friend, and follow. And finally the person may opt into a conversion. At that point we both won.

Isn't Twitter fun?

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