What Impacts Do My Tweets Really Have On The Tweetosphere

Marketers tend to get more horizontal leverage on their Tweets. This occurs for a variety of reasons the first that they are really good with the relationship game. Expert marketers approach the Internet like a job rather than a fun place to listen to music and drop an occasional blog post. Marketers are in the game for the long haul and forge deep relationships and great search engine placements. Their sales funnels point to their Twitter accounts as well as their websites, blogs, landing pages, forms, and whatever other concoction they have going.

Attraction marketing is a good place to start if your want maximum penetration of the tweetosphere with your tweets. The 140 words must be good. The content you link to must be good. All of the same rules apply to tweets as they do article marketing. Keywords, subjects, action words, and wise statements all make great Twitter link bait fodder.

I am not sure if the re tweet is the best judgement of the success of a post. For example some of my best memes have been horrible articles. The content will not engage people like it should and accordingly will not lead to any conversions even though the post was in and out of the feature slot for a long time. On the other hand I have marketed a product directly to twitter. The blog post was so obviously a pitch. This post got re tweeted once. And I can directly verify that I got a few twitter app back links and the product ranked a little too well. Basically I got some money. In this case there was not much substance in the post, but it did direct people to a product so in one sense I was reducing the time and space continuum of online commerce and saw a reward. I got a few nice checks from this. This is why people who automate Twitter account make so much money.

One free and easy tool measure the effectiveness of your Twitter use is Tweet Reach. Twitter Reach posts the stats on any search term including user contribution, impressions, and charts these things. Tweet Reach also has a full stat pay service for people interested in that. This blog for instance is not exactly popular but has seen millions of impressions on Twitter which could help the brand via word of mouth because brand recognition need not mean that they hang on the site. An example of this is when I was a Face book noob I used to talk of things I found just to sound cool. In all honesty I was too lazy to even visit the site. I was much happier just browsing, leaving stuff on people's walls, and thinking I had it made. This is why the meme is so powerful because people just pass it and always will. There will always be stuff to pass. This is a hot market that has a long tail in search engines so there is always value in breaking news both immediately and in the long term.

I believe the best strategy is to play good. Build your brand, and your skills over time. Learn the tools and tricks. Evolve into a social media master. It is not that hard if you really want it. Most guru's will tell you otherwise but they usually want people to not take initiative and evolve into a big online money maker.

That would equate competition. And if you were actually honest and liked teaching other people the skills then you would be taking away many conversions from the 'experts' who prey on people who think the answer is just buying something, or slipping an email into a box that is guarantee spam for life. Play your game and you will win. I am not kidding. Step it up because social media is what puts the rat race to bed.


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