What Does Your Business Do For Others

To some degree the definition of service is to help someone do something. In business we see monetary returns and generally people can opt out. OK there are many businesses that force sales on people. For example cable companies do not allow people to switch brands without a fine, banks do not let us take out all of our money and regulate the cash flow, and restaurants dictate how we should look and act. But is this really the best way to run a business? Many marketers on one hand would say absolutely. There is nothing like the smell of free money from forced transactions. On the other hand this can leave a very bitter taste in people's mouths. I am no expert but I suspect many people and companies who cut corners deal with angry people on a day to day basis. Besides creating stress and burning through resources that could be used to produce good products there is a certain price to the company's branding. Do you really want your label to be associated with angry people? But as many argue 'these are the trappings of what is produced by capitalism.' 'It comes with the territory.' 'It can not be changed.' I believe all of these statements to be both fallacies and a tremendous business pitfall. First of all just because you CAN do something in business does not mean you need to do it. Putting people on hold long enough that most people will hang up is one of these black hat tactics. We must realize that we are dealing with people here. And would we ourselves want to really be treated poorly? Secondly do we really need to be number one at the expense of our customer? On one side of the coin being number one equals a major win. But on the other side many ethical businesses do well even if they are not on top.


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