What Are The Top Business Schools In The World 2009

The best business school in the United States is North Western. Well that is what people tell me at least. North Western has even opened up an international campus out of state for people who want some warm weather. Sounds like an expensive vacation to me but all to their own. If you have interest in Internet business try learning from the likes of Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Blackberry, iPhone, etc. We are in a times that all information is free and public. These major companies can teach people a lot about running a business.

The best way to learn business is through experience. The school of hard knocks continues to be the best place to learn how to make money. Most gurus and schools are out to make money. This is why the best teachers are real people just trying to make it in the world. They are candid. They have nothing to sell. A genuine opinion is worth more than a billion reviews and by the way here is the affiliate link.

It is more important to study how people make millions selling hot dogs in a big city then how the fortune 500 companies did it, or some hack sold a billion records. This is a sober truth for people really looking for fast sales systems.

Just close your eyes and tell yourself that you are the CEO of a big company. Open your eyes and I bet you feel much better. I will sell this technique in a book called delusional affirmations! If you can imagine it, work towards it, and do it than you can succeed. Be resourceful. Ask your self 'how can I make a million dollars with what I have.' (rather than what I could potentially have) Ignore people who do not believe you, and do not listen to society telling you that hard work in 9 to 5 slave labor is the only way. Today is your day. The long journey always begins with a step, but also takes awhile. Always keep that in mind.


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