Using Momentum To The Advantage of Your Business

Blogging teaches people an extremely important business lesson. That is the power of momentum. Often we are uninspired and unable to find good content to post. Other times we publish an hour long vlog with five hundred thousand words detailing something amazing. Sometimes the news seems like a mundane repetition of things said already. Other times we are surfing the news memes and get every story on the front page of digg.

Momentum highs are actually extremely good times to start side projects whether it be a free standing store, writing a book, or learning a new skill.

Fun is a major momentum driver. If you are having fun on Twitter go with it. The biggest misconception is business is that just because we blog, that we have to stick with it. If blogging is not bringing in a lot of money, why spend significant time on it? It will still be there when we choose to start up again.

Then driving this momentum to even more projects is how the gurus tend to stay ahead of the game. They reproduce products that they know will succeed. Sometimes they are just repeating the same message, doing the same thing, but it helps to tweak this and always make it better.

Once you exhaust the curve you can always go back to a few weeks of just blogging and hanging out. But once you get accustomed to really being on the move, you will be able to repeat it when your momentum increases again.


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