Understanding Twitter Content Creation

I am sorry for writing so much about Twitter but it is a hot business topic right now. I think it is important to really study twitter to understand how to effectively promote a business or affiliate links for instance. Twitter is more than a long stream of words and links. Twitter is rather a key word driven search economy. The ability for people to effectively use your content for their good depends on how well you communicate online. There is a reason that people have trouble keeping up. The Twitter language evolves so quickly, and so do the 3rd party twitter tools that the game literally changes every second and that is not just an expression. You do not even need followers to start a conversation with the Twitter community if you know the right language. I would liken this to being at Dave and Busters and playing the basket ball game. You see a bunch of hoops. If you throw the ball through the hoop that you did not put your token in then what? This is why deceptive targeting is a waste of time. On the other hand if you throw the basket ball in the hoop you turned on, you may win a prize. This is a parallel of finding the right keywords and symbol scripts like the @s and #s to gain a conversion stream.

One of the most effective ways to move people to your account is through questions. Asking things actually engages people and can activate users. This is why marketers love to tweet questions, symbols, and numbers. These things all trigger an automate response in people. And that is the other side of a 'revenue auto pilot system.' The difference of Twitter and search marketing is that to win Twitter big you need to win the human element as well. This is why blogs are not doing so well these days. People are tired of reading formulaic posts that were created with content creation software. The new dynamic web order is won through relationships and breaking down barriers to information, commerce, and life. Twitter is a first wave tool that is now being revolutionized by the Google Wave. Then what is next?

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