Understanding Economic Chaos

I do not understand much of what the economy is doing, did or what will do. But I knew we would be here.

Loren Howe has an amazing YouTube channel on this subject. Loren Howe also wrote some good books. Some good points that Loren makes applicable to this site are that when we put money into the market and banks it largely gets ripped. He recommends putting money into stable currencies like precious metals and real estate. I thought this is extremely interesting because many entrepreneurs make this point. Much of being an entrepreneur is working around the money system. Loren Howe makes many other great points that we need to free ourselves from the money system by understanding it. According to him it is best to avoid wage and debt slavery and not fear going broke either. There is a lot of good information check it out. Anthony Weiner has a good response video as well. He makes some good points about the price point of economic entry to New York is in the millions and why this happened.

I then clicked through to watch a great YouTube video about the collapse of the middle class. The speaker is Elizabeth Warren a Harvard professor. The lecture is at the University of California. This video makes some haunting points. Everything points to the fact that most people are in a lot of pain now and why. I make these points a lot with friends and it seems some people are in on it and others do not really believe it. But a Harvard professor can make the point much better than I can.

For a little upbeat inspiration it is a good idea to check out Dattatreya Siva Baba and his great videos.


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