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Watching videos like this one made me think how crucial the video experience is to the Twitter experience. Twiddeo is a fast and easy way to bring your real multimedia experience to your Twitter friends.

How can video benefit your business? Video is the most predominant viral content mechanism online. Video drives deep connections and creates residual traffic that never fails.

Why should I share my videos on Twitter? Think about it. Giving back is the best way to get. Showing the validity of your business and intentions is more potent than any truth telling or myth busting available.

When is the best time to post a video? The best time is the present. Most people put off video production and end up never doing it. Others very wisely only make videos. Where do you stand?

Can I promote my business on a web cam? Absolutely no way is more simple, fun and wholesome.

Can I use copy righted music in my video? YouTube has lately been turning off the volume or stripping copy righted videos. Other video companies are doing the same thing.

What is your business video going to be about?

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