The Twitter Hashtag Rosetta Stone

Twitter memes and hash tags are some of the most perplexing things on earth. If people thought communication on blogs was hard just imagine how much communication errors occur on Twitter every second.

I always try to join the conversation. I have a strong desire to learn what other people have to teach me and on Twitter the lesson is only 140 characters long or less!

In previous posts I talked about the 'events' as Biz Stone (the maker of Twitter) likes to call them that occur around # hash tags. In some ways these are like temporary connections. The hash allows people to find their way home. Hash tags bring order to the Twitterverse. Hash tags are virtual town hall meetings where we can all speak at the exact same time! Do you have your microphone?

What The Hash tag is a great site where people can read about, and contribute content, related to hash tags. Joining this site, I would say, is more than a little vital, if you want to not only understand the hash tags, but also meet up with other people who are serious Twitter users.

See you there.

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