Twitter Farming 101: How To Determine The Value Of Your Twitter Account Then Put It Up For Sale (Then How To Do This On A Larger Scale)

Every thing we do online holds tremendous value. Videos that people upload to YouTube are worth zillions of dollars. Domains and website content is worth a lot of money as well.

Realizing the real and apparent value of what you do online can be a tremendous psychological boost. Then putting your real estate up on the market and selling it is merely a proof positive that you can do well online.

With an established brand you can just repeat and sell. This is how people do well on eBay, Craigs list and most importantly Twitter.

There is a great Twitter tool called Tweet Value where you can plug in your Twitter profile and see how much it is worth. You could then use the Tweet Value widget on your blog to attract perspective followers to your Twitter account. The badge looks something like what I posted below.

My Twitter is worth $1760

The next step is to sell your Twitter account for more than it is worth because of the hit to your brand equity that selling a Twitter account entails. Then you would have to start all over.

Other options would include creating many automated Twitter accounts. These would aggregate web content, feed you landing pages, and automatically follow people who follow the account. You could then sell these automated accounts (with pictures of beautiful women as avatars) like a Twitter account farm! Just think about that for a minute. This my friends is the future of farming! (Would that build or bust your online brand? What do you think?)

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