The Re - Emergence of Online Auctions

We can safely say that the impact of eBay and Craigslist in the online economy is huge. Allowing people access to some of the best auction tools on earth has led to some people really striking rich fast.

In online auctions reputation is extremely important. The best sellers often have well organized online stores, and malls and can move products quickly like a business does. This means having stock and marketing scarcity as well as speculative prices. Where supply and demand meet is where the auction begins.

Mastering the art and science of the online auction, and online trade sale is as much niche branding as it is setting up a system where you can consistently deliver high quality reasonably priced products to people who honestly want them. World of Good on eBay for example sells products related to the green lifestyle. They left the niche pretty broad so they could bring in cool specialty products and not have them clash with the title.

Swoopo is a great site that sets up both real and false time constraints. Swoopo lists the product with the bid, the real price, and the time remaining. This creates an urgency and the potential for people to make more money. Obviously people could apply this to any storefront or marketing that time constraints do product results. Because often what people save when they shop online is time and money.

Bid or Buy is an auction site with an amazon like sales structure. Bit or Buy also has product affiliates that both hype the business and help sellers unload products. Bid or Buy's products are not fixed so the tags are negotiable. This also drives the economy because many times reluctant buyers are fixated more on the price than the item. Sellers generally want to unload old stock so this is the perfect store for Internet commerce.

Lixtor plays a different game. Lixtor actually helps people through the process. This is a good thing because becoming an eBay power seller is extremely difficult. This is probably the future of online commerce where there are instructions to further lower the barriers of entry so all people can drive home cash.

There is also a tremendous demand world wide for junk. For example when college gets let out people jam the dumpsters full of useful stuff. Or when a car does not work people will often abandon it on the road side. There are entrepreneurs who collect this stuff and salvage it. Much like an under the sea treasure hunter people love to just trash or not use valuable things. Further there are companies who scam people for this stuff. The best way to get around this scam and make a fortune off of your junk is an amazing Texas based site called Salvage Sale. Basically this site specializes in all kinds of broken and unwanted stuff, and people are getting rich buying, selling, refurbishing this stuff every day. This is how an efficient economic system works when both the buyers and sellers profit. For example a person who fixes up old cars would buy some busted up cars, combine the best parts, add some new ones then resell the car for a profit. Car flipping is just a profitable as house flipping (was).

Another new rising trend in commerce online is trading and barter. People realize that money can distort value so there can be a huge profit margin for people who essentially trade stuff for things. This is a lot like trading forex based on the fluctuating value. Sometimes when people ship stuff somewhere the supply and demand curve can completely change.

A good trade example would be that a wicker furniture builder in North Carolina would trade furniture with a Robot maker in Japan. If we switch the products in location there becomes a scarcity and both people can become rich. Taking the dirty money, exchange rates, fees and other none sense out of the equation only makes the economic viability of this type of trade more magnetic.

Online auctions are not without their pitfalls. There is an increased need for honesty, and to deal fairly. This is why many power sellers do their best never to misrepresent what they sell. Because they realize that short term gains can have long term effects like their auction stream dries up. Then what?


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