Leveraging Local Markets On Twitter

Marketing to your local market on Twitter is the most powerful wealth creating tool ever. There is no easier way to seek sales than on foot. This is why in the movie Napoleon Dynamite his uncle and brother were living the high life!

Why does local marketing work?

1. You already have a network. You can exploit this to grow your network.

2. Locally you are actually a real person. You can on a daily basis use Twitter to invite people over to your place and socialize as well as close some hot business deals.

3. You can use your online and offline LEADERSHIP qualities to leverage your brand and create valuable lasting bonds with people.

4. Local is the new best practice branding technique. How many successful companies name themselves after the places they are located? A lot.

5. Once you rise to the top of your local network you can move on to other places and start a movement around your brand. How do you do business differently? Emphasize this.

6. Local is the perfect creation story. Every Internet guru is tied to some location. I know that most people wake up and are genuinely tired of living where they live but stick with me here.

What are the best ways to get into my local market?

As an entrepreneur you will realize that not getting a job is the best way to make money. What do I mean by this? Instead of traditionally going to the newspaper to get a job you would rather go there just to network. See if their website can feature your blog, and your blog can feature their website. Promote each others products and Twitter account. Learn how to approach your local tools to accomplish maximum synergy.

Where is the Internet component in this business article after all the name of this blog is 'Internet Business Revenue Pro?'

Well back to Twitter. If you want to make a local splash use the tool Nearby Tweets to discover and follow everyone in your area. Put aside at least an hour daily to respond to their Tweets with some healthy @s and #s. Help people out. For instance someone might Tweet that their car broke down. At this point get off your computer and go there and give them a lift. It is gestures like this that will drive the riches to your wallet. Not to mention probably a $ 20 dollar tip.

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