How To Magnetically Market To The Mundane Twitter Niche

What many marketers and business types seem to forget is the power of human emotion and connection. I would probably fall into this category. I consistently think of Twitter as just a tool to generate an easy cash flow. This is a trap. Here is my example. We have a mouse which represents the marketer. Then we have cheese which is the money. Rationally we think that we can just grab the cheese because it is there. 'Click here and make money fast' may generate yourself 100 dollars a day but eventually the trap will get you when your brand is damaged. Without an honest brand you will never be able to unload deep hot incentive driven sales. Then what do you do? Resort to being an fictional character online? Do you see where I am going with this?

Most people are not rooted in money. They actually like interacting with other people because it is a free feel good high. This is why people go to cities with intangible costs like fun people, nature and a great place to be for free.

This need for the intangible is a growing trend just look at the Technorati top 100 blogs. The top sites a year ago were all about making money or material things like technology we like to waste money on. There has been a major changing of the guards. New sites have emerged like a few new personal blogs, the food niche, the motor cycle niche, car sites, and other unique and fun niches.

What does this mean to marketers and business people? What it means is that these new profitable niches are emerging. Here is my illustration. We have a niche blog that looks at cities with good wheel chair access. This niche gets high conversions on products that are expensive, help people, are generally a part of the insurance plan so people do not feel they are spending money and the huge demographic retiring with disabilities is enormous. People who need special access, and special needs include nearly every person on earth. Why? Because everyone knows someone in their family or friend who has these problems. As a result every person may have had to research and consume on the topic. But at the same time the information you are providing is an amazing free journey of the heart public service. In this sense starting the conversation you will change the world and spin profits through rewarding people, places, and things that actually cater to people who have trouble doing things.

If you have a good message to promote it on Twitter it would be best not to link drop. The reason? Most people's tweet streams are full of annoying automated spam links. The situation is going to get worse. As a result people will recoil and vote you off the island of people they follow. And statistically when people quit a follow they never ever come back. This equals sad loss for marketer.

Solution? The best thing to do is interact on a conversational way. 'I had breakfast at the Pizza For Breakfast restaurant and they had good wheel chair ramp.' This sentence does not link to anything but it does convey relevant information to you mission of helping people who have to navigate the jungle of abysmal failures we call the urban infrastructure. You could weave this into the sites like Tweet What You Spent to bring in the niche tweet marketing which is highly effective.

Statistically you will get many re tweets off of your stream. This could be incentive to only tweet things that you created like a non link tweet or a link to your brand. Your profile will be then flooded with people looking to follow you based on your niche.(special needs) As a result you will drive conversions from your profile URL which could be your special needs blog if you want to play nice (and get more followers faster) or to a landing page for a special needs product report that you could gain an affiliate income off of. Even better you would compile a list of opt in marketing from your twitter followers and everyone else that opted in elsewhere and have a monthly e newsletter report of the innovations in disability access products. Occasionally you would for good measure have a product email.

At the end of the day most experts and I am not one swear by playing it nice on Twitter to grow brand equity and happy friends that will naturally promote your brand. (you could even have them opt in for that)


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sothea hy June 2, 2017 at 7:08 PM  

I too have had those same responses in my ignorant past, and I want more than that from places like Horn Book--it's frustrating to see such an uncritical piece on such a big platform.
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