How To Expand Your Twitter Network

One of the hardest thing for people to grasp is how the size of Twitter network is directly proportional to earnings. Targeted followers are great but diminishing returns will come into effect when you get every person who could follow you to do so.

The next step is to expand out your general Twitter network. One way to do this is to target people with many followers in other niches. This way you bring their network indirectly into your own. The best way to attract these people is with branding and sales funnels. Try not to be labeled into your niche. Rather step out and present yourself as a person and bring other things to the table too. This will open up your network.

A larger network will deepen and enhance ROI, sales, traffic and your general value to other people. There are many other reasons that this is a good idea. First off the world changes quickly. Having a broad based Twitter network ensures that you may be farther ahead of the curve than someone with a small niche orientated circle. Secondly you will be presented with the opportunity to network successfully with more people. This is the perfect place that you can hone your online social skills. And thirdly a bigger circle adds value to your followers. Go figure.

An easy way to find new network circles it to use Twtr Frnd to see if you have followers in common. If not then it is of great benefit to you to try to get them to walk into your circle. I believe Chad from Alltel invented what I am saying.

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