How To Be More Aware Of Our Twitter Followers

If you have been keeping it locked to this blog then you now probably get thousands of Twitter followers per hour. If you are trying to build some attraction with your followers it may help to really get to know every follower. It may help to use Tweet Sum to really hand follow back people and really get to know at least a few too.

The Real Reason It Is Important To Connect Socially:

If you want to really connect with people on social media, then in return people will connect back into you. They will generate interest and buzz for your products, websites, and businesses.

Some of the most successful social media gurus on the planet spend more time on social media then they do on their content creation. A not uncommon breakdown is to spend an hour on blog post creation and 6 hours on social media.

People who do not want to know other people on a personal level have a hard time finding the value of social media because it won't work in the same ways. If we do not socialize then people will not reach out to us. Eventually re tweets, and shout outs go down and so does traffic.


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