How To Attract A Few More Twitter Followers For Your Account

Getting more followers is a genuine focal point of people with little social capital on Twitter. It is good to have more people hear and interact with your conversation. It is also good to hear what other people have to say right from your account.

Recently two similar services have taken the Twitter world by storm. One is called the Twitter Train and the other is called Max Follows.

The way both of these services work is that we enter our Twitter account details. We then follow around 30 people from a list. After we follow them our own avatar is added to the list.

The flaws to this system may be that the only reason people follow is because they want more followers. As a result this is not the best way to drive targeted followers. If you want to do that create a blog in your niche and hyper link to your Twitter account. Then promote your account on your blog, around the web and in social media. (related to your niche)

Also many people I predict will unfollow over the course of a week. But even if these Twitter traffic systems gain us a single follower I guess then it is worth it.


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