How Successful Is Your Brand On Twitter

Many people mistake the number of Twitter followers as a sign that they are doing well on Twitter. This type of thinking is a major trap. Let us say you are at a party. You got every person at this corporate party to sign you company's year book under their pictures. But after you get to this party not a single person looks at you or talks to you. On the other hand someone you know goes around and has good conversations with every single person, and even excellent intimate conversations that last hours on end. At the same time this person has 2 signatures in the old company year book. Who is positioned to make business deals you or that person?

Twitter works the same way. Engagement is much more important than followers. There is a general inflation of what a follower means because of the land rush for Twitter followers, Twitter Automation Abuse, and Follow Abuse. At this moment someone can easily become the next superstar of Twitter that is just a fact.

My personal goal of this year is to increase my Twitter brand at the cost of my followers. It I loose followers or gain followers that is insignificant compared to my number of interactions. It is interactions that will bring people solidly into your social media landscape. It is interactions that create magnetic attraction to your brand. And it is interactions that will get your foot in the door of becoming the next Internet superstar. Interact and succeed at it wildly.

Creating content for instance is a major waste of time compared to interacting with people. We can create content all day but if we do not stop and reach out to people much of what we do is creating an echo chamber even if it is a grand castle. (of invisible people)

Make Twitter your home, and your followers your family. Share you life, promote your business, find new passions and dreams. Evolve with other people. Grow and see the new and look back on the old. Twitter is a time machine. Fly.

So how can we really gauge the concentration of our brand in the tweetosphere? The answer would be to analyze stats that have little to do with the number of friends you have. Twitter Friends is a non linear Twitter stat site where you can see how well you engage the world of Twitter as a whole. You may be the top of but if you are not the top of Twitter friends you may want to change you game on Twitter. That is just a thought.

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