How Important Is Verbal Communication In Business

In business what you say and do not say are two extremely important things. But there is a huge element of non verbal communication, and subtle verbal skills that are extremely important.

An example of this is that someone can say objectional things on a vlog but may be sending strong signals that he/she/etc disagrees with the statements. Sarcasm is a slipery slope and the people who actively communicated things through saying one thing and meaning anouther try to avoid sarcasm if at all possible. This is because sarcasm actually undermines the audience. How can they be on the same page if they feel the speaker may be making indirect verbal attacts at them.

There are somethings that we really should not say. I would call these stop phrases. They tend to be negative, based on stereotypes and often turn the listener off. Some subtle stop phrases may be as simple as 'my money making system will make money rain.' The reason this may not work is because it sounds like a scam. As a result many marketers now effectively use rational incentives like 'money saving kit,' 'free trial offer,' 'value buy' and other similar statements. Often subtle language that takes control of situations and attempts to regulate error is the most effective. This is why long landing pages can be problematic. They often contain many fake testamonials, excessive description language for search engines, and many other things that may be hurting conversions. The most effective landing pages use really good stock photo or photoshop backgrounds, are relatively short and are to the point. Language ties into branding perhaps more than how people appear in the page. People communicate with the information rather than your picture which is more for legitmacy and trust.


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