Geo Targeting People On Twitter

What do you do if you are in the business of filling up your motel in Memphis for instance? The Internet is a powerful Geo locator like no other advertising and promotional medium. Google maps has increased many national economies because finally people could go anywhere and find local small businesses that served them.

If they wanted that vegan pizza in Memphis Google maps happily pin pointed them to it. But we all know the biggest issue with Google maps has to do with business priory. Because of this if we are promoting our business through the strategic use of Google we may want to look elsewhere to get our hotel rooms filled on a Tuesday night.

That place would be Twitter. Twitter is an information dissemination device like no other. If you Tweet that your Memphis hotel really needs some people odds are the word will get out in a few hours. But to further complicate things how can you be sure that your message is going out to people in the Tennessee and surrounding areas? You need to Geo pinpoint active users through Twitter tools like Local Tweeps. This way a group of 4 people visiting some friends in Memphis can easily zip locate the hotel that we are trying to fill up.

After you Geo locate your clients you may want to do some hash action and try to get some local viral tweets going. On the site I also learned that if we put #LT then your listing will rise up in the stack for your location. Basically decoding tags will allow you to finally get that stream of patrons to your Memphis motel. If you do not own a motel then get one at a government auction.

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Zack Steven June 1, 2009 at 3:05 PM  

Hey Joseph. Thanks for the post on localtweeps! We created it to help solve the kind of problems you identified - allowing local businesses and their customers to connect in real time for mutual benefit.

Thanks for helping localize the Twittershpere!

Zack Steven
Co-Founder and Chief Tweep

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