Furthur Proof That The Universe Revolves Around Twitter

One day Archaeologists are going to uncover our tweets. What do you want your page in the history books to look like? My page would be about the guy who believed Google Wave is going to be big FIRST.

Really I was the first person to watch that video! I hyped the android too and look where it got us! It is almost like I can predict the future. In my crystal ball I do not see Twitter being as hyped as it is. But for now Twitter is the universe. And like any universe there are black holes unto which stuff and energy disappears.

Really it time warps, vaporizes, freezes, gets shot out expands or contracts. Google Wave is like a wave of energy, perhaps a worm cloud on the leading edge of a gigantic storm. Twitter will be a part of the wave, but I wonder how much more powerful a marketing tool a real time wave party could be?


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