A Few Things To Think About Before Starting An Internet Business

The Internet can be both a major time trap and a success vehicle at the same time. This perplexing paradox has had a major impact on how people view Internet business. On the surface it seems virtually impossible to make a million when the returns diminish rapidly. They diminish when people realize that with their traffic and advertising earnings they will never get to the finish line. Even with promotion unless the ads pay well, are targeted, and have a deep Roi do not expect much.

The first step to removing the trap from your Internet game is to do things that continually have a money impact. This blog post for instance will always after I hit publish pick up a residual income. I can link it to my twitter account and in effect I have just created a funnel for followers on twitter. Then both on twitter and on this blog I can promote products to people who I have been 'gathering' sorta speak.

But this has diminishing returns as well. To overcome the sales funnel fallacy we must look towards weak spots in the market and target them. Maybe it is a sales funnel to some special belts you are trying to sell or whatever. Moving real goods and services in a targeted way is the answer. I could then promote these belts through videos that link to the affiliate page. People would land there wanting belts and nothing else. But just littering the net with affiliate promotion is not enough.

We much then collect our affiliate links and organize them into online stores. For example these belts could be a feature item in your online clothing store. Then you could bring customer direct companies to the consumer on eBay for example and become a stock less seller.

Bring the elements together and you will do well but even that has diminishing returns.

The next step is taking your products to the search advertising field. Most search engines and social networks actually have advertising that you pay for. This is very similar to leveraging online classifieds but paid advertising does especially well because it is placed in targeted locations on Face book or Google for instance.

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