Defining A Real Purpose For A Successful Home Grown Business System

There are many false assumptions surrounding business. Many people get caught up in waves of what they are supposed to do and forget what they have to do and what is not necessary. How important is shameless self promotion in relation to creating a good product or service? We do need some cheese on our mouse trap, but just broadcasting that we have a great trap here may actually confuse people to our motives and beliefs.

You can disagree with me as much as you want but I believe that it is imperative to work as much on free digital goods as it is to build a business. Specific videos and pictures can go a long way in bringing people into the trap. Videos seem to do well regardless of age and connect more with people than merely blogging in words why your product is the best.

Capital can be built on a great beverage. There are many high end bottled water companies that do a lot of talking with the quality of their product versus just blasting some annoying TV commercial with some rich people drinking the water and telling us how it turned back the years. Business works like this. The most successful people and businesses start very simple local organic movements and slowly grow their brand on a quality product. For example in the United States there is a decent product from ever state that people can not get anywhere else.

I believe it is important in social media and blogging to consistently reach out to our local circle, and create friends. Even creating a simple local news blog that covers an event a week is a great start. From there if a business is proven it is much easier to win over skeptics.

Things to do locally in social media:

1. Create groups with relevance to local events, issues, and concerns

2. Use your social media capital to leverage the local on an international sphere

3. How is you business going to collect capital today and here rather than tomorrow and elsewhere?

4. Help others locally succeed. If you have an Internet business then teach people locally the tools for success. All major tech companies do this.

5. Regularly contact every local person just to ask them what are they up to. Without meaningful bonds being social is worthless.

6. Create charity foundations and sponsor them with your business. Use your capital and abilities to give back.

7. Take out a pro account on flickr and chronicle your area and business. Link the photo descriptions back to your business.

8. Start a school related to your skills. Many people would be more successful if they used their business skills in a school that they created.

9. Create an event related to your business where you live. The ability to network with real people is more powerful than using social media, and it helps with your social media campaigns as well.

To conclude very few businesses really do well without a significan invenstment in their local economy. The key word is investment here because if you do not contribute to the pot it will be reluctant to give you anything back.


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