Conveying Meaning Through 3D Business Graphics

We are quickly running into a 3D web world. Various communities have popped up online that use fantasy 3D images and interactive characters to build a virtual community. This may be an odd future of business but mastering this may be a gold mine branding opportunity. Companies like MiaMedia specialize in this.

Another great place to add 3 dimensionality to images and interactive media is when doing business presentations. Perspector is a company that helps people bring out interest in a PowerPoint presentation. Like the experts say a business presentation is short, usually is self explanatory, uses few words per slide, and exploits easy to understand images. This way communication from speaker to audience, and back is enhanced rather then distracted.

Other images that business use frequently include stock images. For maximum impact be sure that the images were taken today because people seem to know what is new and not new. Countless businesses make the silly mistake of using people from the 1930's in their online literature. I am looking for a powerful dot com brand rather than a history lesson.

If you are looking for amazing communicative 3D images look no further than Elsak. Similar graphics to these are frequently used in blogs as figurative pictures to help people understand and get excited about the blog post. 3D images are directly responsible for retention and focus of the eyes that you want you business to capture.


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