Bulk Social Submit Buttons

Sometimes all it takes to get more traffic and win the game is a small change. Whether it be a theme change, a different content creation model, or even posting less there are many ways to actually increase traffic and success of a site.

One of the best ways to do well online is have a linking relationship with social media. Effectively getting the right widgets opens up roads for your content to run on. This will give your posts new life and greater longevity.

Obviously everyone is doing this so we need a more potent medicine.

I believe that we are all familiar with those social submit buttons with little pictures of every social media site that we can click on and submit blog posts for example. Well the issue with these buttons is that we and our fans can only submit to one social or bookmarking site at a time. Because of this people may only be sharing one site per visit to your site instead of sending it to all of their social profiles from Friend Feed to Twitter and From Digg To Reddit.

Only Wire is a great example of a finally advanced social submit button that may give you the edge over your competition.

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