Become Your Own Keyword Analyzer

There may be times when just playing the keyword game is guaranteed to get a website or blog banned. But the good news is that if you do not do keyword research you could figure out how to get more traffic and better market your articles. Google has a great Search Based Keyword Tool. Basically we type in a keyword. The tool comes up with suggested combinations. You see a bid price estimate, how much search traffic per month the word gets, and a generally how much competition a keyword gets. This can be an effective way of leveraging an affiliate program especially because you have the ability to target large numbers of people searching for keywords. Some of the best keywords for affiliate programs are exact phrases but if you are pitching off of a more popular keyword you could potentially lure many people in. Blogs have an innate ability to do particularly well in the keyword game. And the beauty of it is that we need little skill besides writing in the word that the thing generates. You would be surprised at how many more comments will pop up, and how much more reader engagement keywords create as well. But on the flip site Google does keep a watchful eye out for keyword spammers. As a result many of the same people who complain endlessly on forums, on their blogs, and around the web that they got sand boxed did so because they create made for keyword sites and do little to add value to the search of Google. As we know a large number of the SEO factors are swayed by human vote so having a site of keywords that do not delve or really make much sense can cause trouble on a web site's Google rank.


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