Applying The Twitter Hype Cycle To Business

Twitter is a great web service for the business minded. Our Internet phones plug into the stream and we can obviously move products in our sleep, literally. Unfortunately the wave has been great but I would caution anyone who has all of their marbles in the tweetosphere to start looking elsewhere. To start, opening up accounts and trying new communities would be good. The straw that really broke the camels back in the Twitter hype cycle has to do with the re emergence of Microsoft as an Internet force, Scobleizer hyping Friendfeed, Twitter users now hitting mainstream demographics in a big way, Google's new super projects like the Wave, bloggers disgust with twitter, among other things. Twitter will be a place to be for awhile, but do not be surprised when conversions wane, and the number of active users goes down. The bubble of Twitter is coming undone. Many of the marketers who brought us this era are becoming very similar to the blogs on blogging era, or the make money online era. I am not saying that we can't take decent advice from these people but usually the laws of diminishing returns, and economic principles will limit the scope of what Twitter can do. There is also a growing realization that tried and true social media offer business a much better value than marketing in a hype stream. For example drop an affiliate link into the Twitter stream. You will get a lot of traffic initially then it fades unless you can get the landing page to go viral. If that happens the page is usually out of the Twitter Meme in about a weeks time. The meme aggregators then bump the link and you are down to square A. YouTube videos on the other hand have been proven time and time again to draw an even residual traffic stream, supported by a popular multimedia experience. Talk about your offer in the video and make money for years to come off of your customized landing page. Many marketers are doing this even in the strongest hour of Twitter hype.

Some trends that I have been noticing is the re emergence of online auctions, niche search engines, and mobile intensive web experiences. I am actually going to cover marketing to niche auctions tomorrow.


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