Developing A Unique And Interesting Brand

If you really look into brand power the single most important aspect is the power of you, your mind, capabilities, and dreams. People often build on dreams and destiny online often go the farthest.

Some of the hottest sites on the internet include the Fail Blog and LOL cats. These sites may not have been just a persons name and a blog about entrepreneurship but rather were an intregue and major market gap. Few marketers get the attention that these viral content sites get. In a single post on the Fail Blog there can be over a thousand comments!

Imagine if you actually tried one of those crazy ideas or schemes. There is really not solid marketing in somethings but they can develop a mystical brand. I would even encourage you to try to do some of this brand work on a Twitter account.

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Finding Twitter Followers For Automated Profits

There is a lot of discussion about buying twitter followers. Many people are against doing that because as they say buying followers is not real. But let us say that you have a few accounts that you use that automate followers, and tweet advertisements for profits every so often. Would it not be the case that buying followers is a lot like AdWords?

On the other hand most people would argue that the ease at getting a good twitter following would really not make buying followers that important. What is you opinion on buying followers?

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A Few Things To Think About Before Starting An Internet Business

The Internet can be both a major time trap and a success vehicle at the same time. This perplexing paradox has had a major impact on how people view Internet business. On the surface it seems virtually impossible to make a million when the returns diminish rapidly. They diminish when people realize that with their traffic and advertising earnings they will never get to the finish line. Even with promotion unless the ads pay well, are targeted, and have a deep Roi do not expect much.

The first step to removing the trap from your Internet game is to do things that continually have a money impact. This blog post for instance will always after I hit publish pick up a residual income. I can link it to my twitter account and in effect I have just created a funnel for followers on twitter. Then both on twitter and on this blog I can promote products to people who I have been 'gathering' sorta speak.

But this has diminishing returns as well. To overcome the sales funnel fallacy we must look towards weak spots in the market and target them. Maybe it is a sales funnel to some special belts you are trying to sell or whatever. Moving real goods and services in a targeted way is the answer. I could then promote these belts through videos that link to the affiliate page. People would land there wanting belts and nothing else. But just littering the net with affiliate promotion is not enough.

We much then collect our affiliate links and organize them into online stores. For example these belts could be a feature item in your online clothing store. Then you could bring customer direct companies to the consumer on eBay for example and become a stock less seller.

Bring the elements together and you will do well but even that has diminishing returns.

The next step is taking your products to the search advertising field. Most search engines and social networks actually have advertising that you pay for. This is very similar to leveraging online classifieds but paid advertising does especially well because it is placed in targeted locations on Face book or Google for instance.

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Defining A Real Purpose For A Successful Home Grown Business System

There are many false assumptions surrounding business. Many people get caught up in waves of what they are supposed to do and forget what they have to do and what is not necessary. How important is shameless self promotion in relation to creating a good product or service? We do need some cheese on our mouse trap, but just broadcasting that we have a great trap here may actually confuse people to our motives and beliefs.

You can disagree with me as much as you want but I believe that it is imperative to work as much on free digital goods as it is to build a business. Specific videos and pictures can go a long way in bringing people into the trap. Videos seem to do well regardless of age and connect more with people than merely blogging in words why your product is the best.

Capital can be built on a great beverage. There are many high end bottled water companies that do a lot of talking with the quality of their product versus just blasting some annoying TV commercial with some rich people drinking the water and telling us how it turned back the years. Business works like this. The most successful people and businesses start very simple local organic movements and slowly grow their brand on a quality product. For example in the United States there is a decent product from ever state that people can not get anywhere else.

I believe it is important in social media and blogging to consistently reach out to our local circle, and create friends. Even creating a simple local news blog that covers an event a week is a great start. From there if a business is proven it is much easier to win over skeptics.

Things to do locally in social media:

1. Create groups with relevance to local events, issues, and concerns

2. Use your social media capital to leverage the local on an international sphere

3. How is you business going to collect capital today and here rather than tomorrow and elsewhere?

4. Help others locally succeed. If you have an Internet business then teach people locally the tools for success. All major tech companies do this.

5. Regularly contact every local person just to ask them what are they up to. Without meaningful bonds being social is worthless.

6. Create charity foundations and sponsor them with your business. Use your capital and abilities to give back.

7. Take out a pro account on flickr and chronicle your area and business. Link the photo descriptions back to your business.

8. Start a school related to your skills. Many people would be more successful if they used their business skills in a school that they created.

9. Create an event related to your business where you live. The ability to network with real people is more powerful than using social media, and it helps with your social media campaigns as well.

To conclude very few businesses really do well without a significan invenstment in their local economy. The key word is investment here because if you do not contribute to the pot it will be reluctant to give you anything back.



Using Momentum To The Advantage of Your Business

Blogging teaches people an extremely important business lesson. That is the power of momentum. Often we are uninspired and unable to find good content to post. Other times we publish an hour long vlog with five hundred thousand words detailing something amazing. Sometimes the news seems like a mundane repetition of things said already. Other times we are surfing the news memes and get every story on the front page of digg.

Momentum highs are actually extremely good times to start side projects whether it be a free standing store, writing a book, or learning a new skill.

Fun is a major momentum driver. If you are having fun on Twitter go with it. The biggest misconception is business is that just because we blog, that we have to stick with it. If blogging is not bringing in a lot of money, why spend significant time on it? It will still be there when we choose to start up again.

Then driving this momentum to even more projects is how the gurus tend to stay ahead of the game. They reproduce products that they know will succeed. Sometimes they are just repeating the same message, doing the same thing, but it helps to tweak this and always make it better.

Once you exhaust the curve you can always go back to a few weeks of just blogging and hanging out. But once you get accustomed to really being on the move, you will be able to repeat it when your momentum increases again.


What Does Your Business Do For Others

To some degree the definition of service is to help someone do something. In business we see monetary returns and generally people can opt out. OK there are many businesses that force sales on people. For example cable companies do not allow people to switch brands without a fine, banks do not let us take out all of our money and regulate the cash flow, and restaurants dictate how we should look and act. But is this really the best way to run a business? Many marketers on one hand would say absolutely. There is nothing like the smell of free money from forced transactions. On the other hand this can leave a very bitter taste in people's mouths. I am no expert but I suspect many people and companies who cut corners deal with angry people on a day to day basis. Besides creating stress and burning through resources that could be used to produce good products there is a certain price to the company's branding. Do you really want your label to be associated with angry people? But as many argue 'these are the trappings of what is produced by capitalism.' 'It comes with the territory.' 'It can not be changed.' I believe all of these statements to be both fallacies and a tremendous business pitfall. First of all just because you CAN do something in business does not mean you need to do it. Putting people on hold long enough that most people will hang up is one of these black hat tactics. We must realize that we are dealing with people here. And would we ourselves want to really be treated poorly? Secondly do we really need to be number one at the expense of our customer? On one side of the coin being number one equals a major win. But on the other side many ethical businesses do well even if they are not on top.


How Important Is Verbal Communication In Business

In business what you say and do not say are two extremely important things. But there is a huge element of non verbal communication, and subtle verbal skills that are extremely important.

An example of this is that someone can say objectional things on a vlog but may be sending strong signals that he/she/etc disagrees with the statements. Sarcasm is a slipery slope and the people who actively communicated things through saying one thing and meaning anouther try to avoid sarcasm if at all possible. This is because sarcasm actually undermines the audience. How can they be on the same page if they feel the speaker may be making indirect verbal attacts at them.

There are somethings that we really should not say. I would call these stop phrases. They tend to be negative, based on stereotypes and often turn the listener off. Some subtle stop phrases may be as simple as 'my money making system will make money rain.' The reason this may not work is because it sounds like a scam. As a result many marketers now effectively use rational incentives like 'money saving kit,' 'free trial offer,' 'value buy' and other similar statements. Often subtle language that takes control of situations and attempts to regulate error is the most effective. This is why long landing pages can be problematic. They often contain many fake testamonials, excessive description language for search engines, and many other things that may be hurting conversions. The most effective landing pages use really good stock photo or photoshop backgrounds, are relatively short and are to the point. Language ties into branding perhaps more than how people appear in the page. People communicate with the information rather than your picture which is more for legitmacy and trust.


How To Be More Aware Of Our Twitter Followers

If you have been keeping it locked to this blog then you now probably get thousands of Twitter followers per hour. If you are trying to build some attraction with your followers it may help to really get to know every follower. It may help to use Tweet Sum to really hand follow back people and really get to know at least a few too.

The Real Reason It Is Important To Connect Socially:

If you want to really connect with people on social media, then in return people will connect back into you. They will generate interest and buzz for your products, websites, and businesses.

Some of the most successful social media gurus on the planet spend more time on social media then they do on their content creation. A not uncommon breakdown is to spend an hour on blog post creation and 6 hours on social media.

People who do not want to know other people on a personal level have a hard time finding the value of social media because it won't work in the same ways. If we do not socialize then people will not reach out to us. Eventually re tweets, and shout outs go down and so does traffic.


Smash Vlog: Big Business, Bigger Technology, and The Biggest Innovation

2009 is your time to shine. Innovate and use this magic to line your pockets with many pennies! You have many thoughts right? Imagine if someone gave you a dime for each. You would end up with a lot of money. Well your thoughts are worth more than a dime my friends. So figure out how to cash out on your inner genius.


Conveying Meaning Through 3D Business Graphics

We are quickly running into a 3D web world. Various communities have popped up online that use fantasy 3D images and interactive characters to build a virtual community. This may be an odd future of business but mastering this may be a gold mine branding opportunity. Companies like MiaMedia specialize in this.

Another great place to add 3 dimensionality to images and interactive media is when doing business presentations. Perspector is a company that helps people bring out interest in a PowerPoint presentation. Like the experts say a business presentation is short, usually is self explanatory, uses few words per slide, and exploits easy to understand images. This way communication from speaker to audience, and back is enhanced rather then distracted.

Other images that business use frequently include stock images. For maximum impact be sure that the images were taken today because people seem to know what is new and not new. Countless businesses make the silly mistake of using people from the 1930's in their online literature. I am looking for a powerful dot com brand rather than a history lesson.

If you are looking for amazing communicative 3D images look no further than Elsak. Similar graphics to these are frequently used in blogs as figurative pictures to help people understand and get excited about the blog post. 3D images are directly responsible for retention and focus of the eyes that you want you business to capture.


What Are The Top Business Schools In The World 2009

The best business school in the United States is North Western. Well that is what people tell me at least. North Western has even opened up an international campus out of state for people who want some warm weather. Sounds like an expensive vacation to me but all to their own. If you have interest in Internet business try learning from the likes of Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Blackberry, iPhone, etc. We are in a times that all information is free and public. These major companies can teach people a lot about running a business.

The best way to learn business is through experience. The school of hard knocks continues to be the best place to learn how to make money. Most gurus and schools are out to make money. This is why the best teachers are real people just trying to make it in the world. They are candid. They have nothing to sell. A genuine opinion is worth more than a billion reviews and by the way here is the affiliate link.

It is more important to study how people make millions selling hot dogs in a big city then how the fortune 500 companies did it, or some hack sold a billion records. This is a sober truth for people really looking for fast sales systems.

Just close your eyes and tell yourself that you are the CEO of a big company. Open your eyes and I bet you feel much better. I will sell this technique in a book called delusional affirmations! If you can imagine it, work towards it, and do it than you can succeed. Be resourceful. Ask your self 'how can I make a million dollars with what I have.' (rather than what I could potentially have) Ignore people who do not believe you, and do not listen to society telling you that hard work in 9 to 5 slave labor is the only way. Today is your day. The long journey always begins with a step, but also takes awhile. Always keep that in mind.


How To Increase Business Continuity And Improve Profit Margins

What does business continuity actually mean? In this day and age continuity is a learned knowledge base that drives sales through adaptation. If you are trying to sell something online and do not sell it consider trying something else.

The belief that we need only to drift from failure to failure or that we can just chug out the same thing for years is a mistake. For example an effective implementation of affiliate marketing will bring us immediate results. This is because we did everything right. Usually doing things right is learned in a Business Continuity cycle where we learn what does not work and check it off of the list. The whole concept of Business Continuity online can be blurry. For example social media sites like Twitter may or may not be value able. For many search engines, and the ability of someone else to recognize and cast link votes trumps leveraging. So in this case leveraging can be useless. But the rules of continuity tell us that if we never really drop the affiliate ads in our sites or forums we are guaranteed to make no money.

But many people use the right tools and do the wrong things. Everyone including the gurus can do more to drive sales. Whether it be marketing affiliate deals on Craigslist or creating a sales funnel to a deal we must arouse the desire in the consumer to act. 'Please click this amazing offer below it won't last long' is the typical type of lines that people use.

But sometimes we need more to get people on the hook. According to Business Continuity we need to change a lot until we optimize our pages. Affiliate advertisers do this to drive up the conversions and in turn more people will end up using the affiliate code.

In an online business continuity is important to protect us from something bad happening to our business. The web is fickle and it is important to get money offline, and in ways not related to technology. Reaching out socially is the best way.

In this economy many tech companies help people to increase their continuity and make their business better. One company doing this is Bull.


Become Your Own Keyword Analyzer

There may be times when just playing the keyword game is guaranteed to get a website or blog banned. But the good news is that if you do not do keyword research you could figure out how to get more traffic and better market your articles. Google has a great Search Based Keyword Tool. Basically we type in a keyword. The tool comes up with suggested combinations. You see a bid price estimate, how much search traffic per month the word gets, and a generally how much competition a keyword gets. This can be an effective way of leveraging an affiliate program especially because you have the ability to target large numbers of people searching for keywords. Some of the best keywords for affiliate programs are exact phrases but if you are pitching off of a more popular keyword you could potentially lure many people in. Blogs have an innate ability to do particularly well in the keyword game. And the beauty of it is that we need little skill besides writing in the word that the thing generates. You would be surprised at how many more comments will pop up, and how much more reader engagement keywords create as well. But on the flip site Google does keep a watchful eye out for keyword spammers. As a result many of the same people who complain endlessly on forums, on their blogs, and around the web that they got sand boxed did so because they create made for keyword sites and do little to add value to the search of Google. As we know a large number of the SEO factors are swayed by human vote so having a site of keywords that do not delve or really make much sense can cause trouble on a web site's Google rank.


What Impacts Do My Tweets Really Have On The Tweetosphere

Marketers tend to get more horizontal leverage on their Tweets. This occurs for a variety of reasons the first that they are really good with the relationship game. Expert marketers approach the Internet like a job rather than a fun place to listen to music and drop an occasional blog post. Marketers are in the game for the long haul and forge deep relationships and great search engine placements. Their sales funnels point to their Twitter accounts as well as their websites, blogs, landing pages, forms, and whatever other concoction they have going.

Attraction marketing is a good place to start if your want maximum penetration of the tweetosphere with your tweets. The 140 words must be good. The content you link to must be good. All of the same rules apply to tweets as they do article marketing. Keywords, subjects, action words, and wise statements all make great Twitter link bait fodder.

I am not sure if the re tweet is the best judgement of the success of a post. For example some of my best memes have been horrible articles. The content will not engage people like it should and accordingly will not lead to any conversions even though the post was in and out of the feature slot for a long time. On the other hand I have marketed a product directly to twitter. The blog post was so obviously a pitch. This post got re tweeted once. And I can directly verify that I got a few twitter app back links and the product ranked a little too well. Basically I got some money. In this case there was not much substance in the post, but it did direct people to a product so in one sense I was reducing the time and space continuum of online commerce and saw a reward. I got a few nice checks from this. This is why people who automate Twitter account make so much money.

One free and easy tool measure the effectiveness of your Twitter use is Tweet Reach. Twitter Reach posts the stats on any search term including user contribution, impressions, and charts these things. Tweet Reach also has a full stat pay service for people interested in that. This blog for instance is not exactly popular but has seen millions of impressions on Twitter which could help the brand via word of mouth because brand recognition need not mean that they hang on the site. An example of this is when I was a Face book noob I used to talk of things I found just to sound cool. In all honesty I was too lazy to even visit the site. I was much happier just browsing, leaving stuff on people's walls, and thinking I had it made. This is why the meme is so powerful because people just pass it and always will. There will always be stuff to pass. This is a hot market that has a long tail in search engines so there is always value in breaking news both immediately and in the long term.

I believe the best strategy is to play good. Build your brand, and your skills over time. Learn the tools and tricks. Evolve into a social media master. It is not that hard if you really want it. Most guru's will tell you otherwise but they usually want people to not take initiative and evolve into a big online money maker.

That would equate competition. And if you were actually honest and liked teaching other people the skills then you would be taking away many conversions from the 'experts' who prey on people who think the answer is just buying something, or slipping an email into a box that is guarantee spam for life. Play your game and you will win. I am not kidding. Step it up because social media is what puts the rat race to bed.


Understanding Economic Chaos

I do not understand much of what the economy is doing, did or what will do. But I knew we would be here.

Loren Howe has an amazing YouTube channel on this subject. Loren Howe also wrote some good books. Some good points that Loren makes applicable to this site are that when we put money into the market and banks it largely gets ripped. He recommends putting money into stable currencies like precious metals and real estate. I thought this is extremely interesting because many entrepreneurs make this point. Much of being an entrepreneur is working around the money system. Loren Howe makes many other great points that we need to free ourselves from the money system by understanding it. According to him it is best to avoid wage and debt slavery and not fear going broke either. There is a lot of good information check it out. Anthony Weiner has a good response video as well. He makes some good points about the price point of economic entry to New York is in the millions and why this happened.

I then clicked through to watch a great YouTube video about the collapse of the middle class. The speaker is Elizabeth Warren a Harvard professor. The lecture is at the University of California. This video makes some haunting points. Everything points to the fact that most people are in a lot of pain now and why. I make these points a lot with friends and it seems some people are in on it and others do not really believe it. But a Harvard professor can make the point much better than I can.

For a little upbeat inspiration it is a good idea to check out Dattatreya Siva Baba and his great videos.


The Re - Emergence of Online Auctions

We can safely say that the impact of eBay and Craigslist in the online economy is huge. Allowing people access to some of the best auction tools on earth has led to some people really striking rich fast.

In online auctions reputation is extremely important. The best sellers often have well organized online stores, and malls and can move products quickly like a business does. This means having stock and marketing scarcity as well as speculative prices. Where supply and demand meet is where the auction begins.

Mastering the art and science of the online auction, and online trade sale is as much niche branding as it is setting up a system where you can consistently deliver high quality reasonably priced products to people who honestly want them. World of Good on eBay for example sells products related to the green lifestyle. They left the niche pretty broad so they could bring in cool specialty products and not have them clash with the title.

Swoopo is a great site that sets up both real and false time constraints. Swoopo lists the product with the bid, the real price, and the time remaining. This creates an urgency and the potential for people to make more money. Obviously people could apply this to any storefront or marketing that time constraints do product results. Because often what people save when they shop online is time and money.

Bid or Buy is an auction site with an amazon like sales structure. Bit or Buy also has product affiliates that both hype the business and help sellers unload products. Bid or Buy's products are not fixed so the tags are negotiable. This also drives the economy because many times reluctant buyers are fixated more on the price than the item. Sellers generally want to unload old stock so this is the perfect store for Internet commerce.

Lixtor plays a different game. Lixtor actually helps people through the process. This is a good thing because becoming an eBay power seller is extremely difficult. This is probably the future of online commerce where there are instructions to further lower the barriers of entry so all people can drive home cash.

There is also a tremendous demand world wide for junk. For example when college gets let out people jam the dumpsters full of useful stuff. Or when a car does not work people will often abandon it on the road side. There are entrepreneurs who collect this stuff and salvage it. Much like an under the sea treasure hunter people love to just trash or not use valuable things. Further there are companies who scam people for this stuff. The best way to get around this scam and make a fortune off of your junk is an amazing Texas based site called Salvage Sale. Basically this site specializes in all kinds of broken and unwanted stuff, and people are getting rich buying, selling, refurbishing this stuff every day. This is how an efficient economic system works when both the buyers and sellers profit. For example a person who fixes up old cars would buy some busted up cars, combine the best parts, add some new ones then resell the car for a profit. Car flipping is just a profitable as house flipping (was).

Another new rising trend in commerce online is trading and barter. People realize that money can distort value so there can be a huge profit margin for people who essentially trade stuff for things. This is a lot like trading forex based on the fluctuating value. Sometimes when people ship stuff somewhere the supply and demand curve can completely change.

A good trade example would be that a wicker furniture builder in North Carolina would trade furniture with a Robot maker in Japan. If we switch the products in location there becomes a scarcity and both people can become rich. Taking the dirty money, exchange rates, fees and other none sense out of the equation only makes the economic viability of this type of trade more magnetic.

Online auctions are not without their pitfalls. There is an increased need for honesty, and to deal fairly. This is why many power sellers do their best never to misrepresent what they sell. Because they realize that short term gains can have long term effects like their auction stream dries up. Then what?


How To Incorporate Craigslist Into Twitter

The real problem with Craigslist is the time constraint put on an entry. Instead of having to re post Craigslist listings it may be easier to just promote your classified ad really hard. The natural best place to do this is Twitter.

Luckily a Twitter tool called Twit List can automatically help you with that. Basically Twit List uses a Craigslist feed to update people's Twitter followers. This way you can just keep posting on Craigslist and drive traffic to the listings.


How To Attract A Few More Twitter Followers For Your Account

Getting more followers is a genuine focal point of people with little social capital on Twitter. It is good to have more people hear and interact with your conversation. It is also good to hear what other people have to say right from your account.

Recently two similar services have taken the Twitter world by storm. One is called the Twitter Train and the other is called Max Follows.

The way both of these services work is that we enter our Twitter account details. We then follow around 30 people from a list. After we follow them our own avatar is added to the list.

The flaws to this system may be that the only reason people follow is because they want more followers. As a result this is not the best way to drive targeted followers. If you want to do that create a blog in your niche and hyper link to your Twitter account. Then promote your account on your blog, around the web and in social media. (related to your niche)

Also many people I predict will unfollow over the course of a week. But even if these Twitter traffic systems gain us a single follower I guess then it is worth it.


Furthur Proof That The Universe Revolves Around Twitter

One day Archaeologists are going to uncover our tweets. What do you want your page in the history books to look like? My page would be about the guy who believed Google Wave is going to be big FIRST.

Really I was the first person to watch that video! I hyped the android too and look where it got us! It is almost like I can predict the future. In my crystal ball I do not see Twitter being as hyped as it is. But for now Twitter is the universe. And like any universe there are black holes unto which stuff and energy disappears.

Really it time warps, vaporizes, freezes, gets shot out expands or contracts. Google Wave is like a wave of energy, perhaps a worm cloud on the leading edge of a gigantic storm. Twitter will be a part of the wave, but I wonder how much more powerful a marketing tool a real time wave party could be?


Applying The Twitter Hype Cycle To Business

Twitter is a great web service for the business minded. Our Internet phones plug into the stream and we can obviously move products in our sleep, literally. Unfortunately the wave has been great but I would caution anyone who has all of their marbles in the tweetosphere to start looking elsewhere. To start, opening up accounts and trying new communities would be good. The straw that really broke the camels back in the Twitter hype cycle has to do with the re emergence of Microsoft as an Internet force, Scobleizer hyping Friendfeed, Twitter users now hitting mainstream demographics in a big way, Google's new super projects like the Wave, bloggers disgust with twitter, among other things. Twitter will be a place to be for awhile, but do not be surprised when conversions wane, and the number of active users goes down. The bubble of Twitter is coming undone. Many of the marketers who brought us this era are becoming very similar to the blogs on blogging era, or the make money online era. I am not saying that we can't take decent advice from these people but usually the laws of diminishing returns, and economic principles will limit the scope of what Twitter can do. There is also a growing realization that tried and true social media offer business a much better value than marketing in a hype stream. For example drop an affiliate link into the Twitter stream. You will get a lot of traffic initially then it fades unless you can get the landing page to go viral. If that happens the page is usually out of the Twitter Meme in about a weeks time. The meme aggregators then bump the link and you are down to square A. YouTube videos on the other hand have been proven time and time again to draw an even residual traffic stream, supported by a popular multimedia experience. Talk about your offer in the video and make money for years to come off of your customized landing page. Many marketers are doing this even in the strongest hour of Twitter hype.

Some trends that I have been noticing is the re emergence of online auctions, niche search engines, and mobile intensive web experiences. I am actually going to cover marketing to niche auctions tomorrow.


Who Is Tissa Godavitarne

I want to on this site shine some light on some of the gurus out there. I am not getting paid for it and honestly do not know if these people make any money. But I am obligated as a reporter of the Internet to talk about these things.

One such person is Tissa Godavitarne that you can watch in this YouTube video. If his credentials are legit then Tissa Godavitarne seems to have achieved a lot of success online. His methods include AdWords arbitrage, niche marketing, site promotion, search feed seo among other things.

According to Tissa Godavitarne you do not need to pay anything at all.

I wish Tissa Godavitarne has a real website out there so I could read about his methods but all the same. I guess he is making money and not spending time on a website.

I actually checked out one of his search engines. The site overall was simply constructed but has money making features built in. Basically it is an engine designed to build leads off of search much like Google targeted search but with affiliate programs. I could see this being profitable.

What are some of the negatives? He claims that his worst students make around 5 dollars a month. Unfortunately any blog with an affiliate banner up top that pays 30 per conversion will walk away with much more in a month. (I make money with no skill level) so I wonder why his methods are better. On the other hand these students may not have a big sales funnel and I am comparing it to blogs that I leverage in social media, search engines. The difference may be that they are on the bottom of the serp, and run little inneffective promotion. I guess even the best program will not make cash if not implemented.

Tissa Godavitarne does claim that he will help promote your site in his program so there is collaboration. I believe that working together is the future of online marketing and it makes sense. We all have skills and combined with promotion exchanges we can all be unstoppable.

I read on Tissa Godavitarne's landing page that he does attend the big time marketing seminars, affiliate seminars, and sales seminars so if you want to connect I am sure you could learn more if his programs are any good from him.

If anyone has ever tried Tissa Godavitarne's programs please leave a comment and tell us if it is legit, how much money you make, how it works, and if you would recommend it.


Vlog: Business Week In Review, Resources Dug Up, And Social Media News

There is a lot happening this week in online business. I tried to summarize some of the stuff that I covered this week on in this video log.

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How To Use Your Cell Phone To Generate Business Leads

In business we are often left waiting. Learning to market with phones, cell phones, texting and other related telecommunication mediums including the Internet can give your business a huge boost.

The quickest way to generate a lead is to deliver a known value. If someone knows that your business is legit they are much more likely to act on it. An example of this is when I go to the grocery story I do not think twice about what I buy because I trust that the company will deliver a reasonable product.

Many lead generating marketers run into serious problems gaining trust which will unlock a lot of money even if you are making a lot already. Trust is built through interactions, and recognition. This is where those silly blogs and twitter accounts may come into play. I feel like I can trust people who deliver good free content, are popular, and do not have much online negativity geared towards them.

When you are trusted you can take to your iPhone for instance and generate leads through the mail, with apps, creating videos, web content, twitter, calling people and the list is endless. The best way to generate leads is to offer up hot incentives. Why would I want to buy your product? Do you have any guarantees if I do not like it? What are you really going to do with my email and personal info? Is this just another scam? There are many more questions like this. It is your job to find a way to answer them. Some people take the bull by the horns and have the answers on the landing page, while others will create another sub domain off of the URL to explain this stuff while keeping the landing page clean and simple. The strongest landing pages tend to have deep visuals integrated into the background of the page, a simple product explanation, and have proof of the credibility of the offer.

Many people will feed video into the page as a way of keeping attention. Keeping people on longer has been known to generate more leads. But if there is too much info you need some magnetic incentive, and perhaps a pre poppable offer where people will not feel the need to pay up front. If they do you need to find out how to arrange a discount. In this case the landing page may be billed as a limited time online coupon type of marketing strategy.

Once you page is all set it is time to take to the phones. It may help to pay for a phone system like Voice Shot. Voice shot allow bulk texting, bulk messaging, and other mechanized features that are essential for any business that is interested in telemarketing.

Where do I get my number list? Many marketers just call down the phone book, or use a search engine and use sites with published lists of numbers for a potential subject. There are many issues with marketing to random people including the fact that it is annoying, may be illegal, and will not produce many conversions comparable to opt in marketing. On the other hand if you can leverage an opt in list whether it be real people signing up for it online, in real life or where ever, you can generate many leads because people are targeted.

How can I build a list online? List generation is difficult. One of the simplest ways would be a video about your product with a few fields. You are not asking people to buy anything but rather giving their name and number for a news letter. You can promote the landing page online all over. Other people set up free services and social communities where there is an option to check a box during sign up near the submit button. This box is usually already checked and people have already entered their name a number sometimes many fields back so they do not connect the dots as well. Some numbers can be gotten through general networking, or the fact that you and a group of people have created a small organization to share related leads. When people opt in, they opt in for you brand 'Online Money Systems Network' for instance. When people work together the quality and scope of the leads usually increases substantially. It can then be easier to put the people solely in charge of lead who are really good at that while, using the talent of others to create product landing pages, and others still to create the public service for instance that people opt in generating a lead.

The webs that people spin for a simple sale can be involved and complex, but usually if you want to create an automated income system there is a tremendous need to get things right.


Do You Need A Different Blogger Template

I change blog templates every 5 minutes but one simple truth seems to remain. Some templates really do feel better, look better and make more money than others. I have no idea why that is or how to master these aesthetics. I have come to one conclusion that web design is really an art with definite parameters. For example there is a million ways to do a blog. Some people may have the posts in little boxes so people can scan the last 100 headlines and the first 200 words of the article, some templates dynamically feed the blog content to the main page, while others just list content with minimal navigational hyper links.

The thing I look for in templates is how well do they engage the reader. A great template should ad minutes to how long people hang out on your website.

Some things to avoid that I am proudly guilty of are clutter, slow pages, lack of flow, underutilized bottom of the page, ads that shock and awe but do not convert, fonts that do not feel good to read, not enough space between the elements, not enough subtlety, overlapping elements, hidden comment forms, among countless other issues.

Any site can always be improved even the best. We must also remember that if a blog is successful it may not actually be the template that made it that way. Many of these sites do have public releases of their template because of the exposure the site gave to the template. But in many cases the template usually feels familiar and dated.

For blogger these challenges are especially prevalent. Blogger looks and feels different than Wordpress which is the common blogging medium of probloggers. Blogger loads differently, behaves differently, and looks differently even if the image we see is exactly the same. I could not tell you why this is but we must keep a few things in mind:

1. Certain widgets from a few sites have been known on occasion to slow the site to a halt. You may want to figure out which widgets, or banners do this and strip them off immediately.

2. Consider customizing the template so people can not immediately recognize it as the template that 500 other people have. This may not matter if you have a unique template or honestly you do not really care. But tweaking the template seems to be part of the process that many of the pros do.

3. If the top of your template is a disaster people will flee immediately. The old saying in the world of advertising is throw ads above the fold for money. Unfortunately this can also drive people away. Some people do other things above the fold that hurt their site like putting 900 page slowing horizontal widgets or having red page error script.

4. It can help to just take a decent temple and focus on your blogging and let the background evolve with the blog. Many people rush to stack a template with too much stuff and do not realize that the template out of box was probably pretty optimal.

5. Incorporating social and content sharing icons into your template are fun and fancy ways to make an impression. After all the only reason to blog these days is for Twitter followers. Just kidding.

6. Weaving your brand into your template can be an especially pronounced tipping point. I guess if you are just article marketing nothing really matters but google. On the other hand if you really want to impress people it never hurts to try.

7. Where is branding headed? Unfortunately the whole look and feel of online branding has changed drastically in the last 6 months. In blogs people have really been pushing content fore ward and in business sites people are trying to take out words to increase conversions. Brand icons have been squeezed, changed shape and moved to different strategic locations.

8. Some templates are timeless. For example the Minima template for blogger has been around forever but people always seem to like it. I consider it one of the most like able blogger templates. One issue is the Nav bar. I am not sure where blogger stands these days in the terms on this. If you remove it from the minima you may need to have a blogger icon in the site to keep promoting their brand.

9. People hate black templates, but I don't. I believe much like many people wear black shirts, black templates are increasingly comming into style. Whenever I click on a link and the site goes black I get immediately impressed and spend a lot of time on it. If it is a blogger blog then I subscribe.

10. The blog incorporation of Friendfeed is the newest trend. To be honest I have a hard time with friend feed. My fingers burned trying to subscribe to people who have subscribed to my feed. Many of the navigational elements are daunting and the community is much like facebook in that it takes longer to get to the bottom of things. On the other hand Friendfeed represents the future. It is the receipt of Twitter especially and also blogs and other social media that can be annotated. Friendfeed has a big following among the professional crowd in ways that would make Linked in jealous. Some people liken Friendfeed to a powerful Twitter app for people who want to connect with people and gain real contacts. One thing is for sure, the avatars on friend feed are much bigger than Twitter or Facebook so I definitely take them more seriously.

11. Incorporating other feeds, syndicated content, feed catchers and other engines into your blog. I am seeing more excellent use of technology on blogs to bring together the best of the web content around the niche. This frees up the author to annotate this content below for example and offer an opinion. If Guy Kawasaki says that great blogs are ones that link to great stuff then why not just get a content catcher and do this automatically in your sleep.

12. Discovering what you are really about. The branding effort is continuous but the best brands online continue to be just regular people on a blog. There are too many fake people online for the purposes of marketing shady deals that just being ourselves does a lot of good for the business brand.

13. There is no template secret. Many pro bloggers for instance only have a bought custom template on their money site. Lately this has been evolving into just using hot premium themes that are widespread but cost money because they have SEO properties. I have seen countless bloggers launch new projects on free templates just to keep costs down until they establish how profitable it is. Another consideration is that if you are creating a network of sites linking into your main site that it may be a waste burning through millions of dollars on the planet templates when your sun site is really where the action happens. I am all for free.

14. It is best practice not to move attribution links. If there really is a page rank penality then that is probably a reasonable payment to the builder of the template. There are plenty of page rank 8 blogs that link out liberally. There may even be legality issues especially on business sites where the template forms a major part of the brand.

15. Many blogger templates have hidden customizations like the page elements can go certain places. You may not know about this until you move it over and the area between the header and the content highlights, or right above the posts highlights. Some pro blogger templates also do this between columns where people can squeeze in extra columns. Always learn the features of your template because in them you can unlock the mystery of blog money. Sounds good right?

16. It is very easy to upload templates onto blogger. If you see squares in the code you have done something wrong. But do not fear if you see the words widgets deleted in red. This scared me so much I destroyed a site. It may help to save your widgets somewhere else because they usually do get destroyed. If you destroyed a widget and want it back try reverting to the theme that the widget was on. It may magically come back.

One blogger template site that has interested me lately is Our Blog Templates.


Bulk Social Submit Buttons

Sometimes all it takes to get more traffic and win the game is a small change. Whether it be a theme change, a different content creation model, or even posting less there are many ways to actually increase traffic and success of a site.

One of the best ways to do well online is have a linking relationship with social media. Effectively getting the right widgets opens up roads for your content to run on. This will give your posts new life and greater longevity.

Obviously everyone is doing this so we need a more potent medicine.

I believe that we are all familiar with those social submit buttons with little pictures of every social media site that we can click on and submit blog posts for example. Well the issue with these buttons is that we and our fans can only submit to one social or bookmarking site at a time. Because of this people may only be sharing one site per visit to your site instead of sending it to all of their social profiles from Friend Feed to Twitter and From Digg To Reddit.

Only Wire is a great example of a finally advanced social submit button that may give you the edge over your competition.

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Traffic Optimization Versus Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is an attempt to circumvent various problems on a web page. The payoff is to hopefully do better in the search results, and have success snow ball.

Traffic optimization is the process of trying to bring a lot of targeted traffic into advertisements.

It is important to try to see that this traffic can effectively manage your site and pass it off to others. People optimization will drive up page views and in turn improve search engine optimization.

If you are really hungry for a quick and hot conversion try giving your website a ping. A good service may be Feed Ping. Many bloggers also ping their comment feed separately because they swear this is the best way to get more of the site tied down in the search engine.

Hip Home Decor at


The Single Best Thing To Do When Twitter Is Down

Why is it that we can't ever get on Twitter when we are the most inspired? The truth is that Twitter is like a boat with too many people on it. The servers are overheating, the cloud servers are drifting away and it is down. I wonder where that flying whale went?

These days of wondering in a dark room why the world stopped spinning in that same moment around dinner time are over. Twiddict is a Twitter tool that lets people create posts. When Twitter turns back on Twiddict in turn moves the content into your Twitter stream. This is a major time hack if I ever saw one. Anouther option would be to play video games while Twitter is down!

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Why Silicon Valley Is Irrelevant

There is a general misconception among many would be Internet business pioneers (you) that perhaps it is either impossible to succeed on line, or that they missed the boat. The very same people who pushed me online and told me how it is the future are the same people who seem to not have much faith in social media. Here are some common lines I hear about social media and online business. (I believe they are all false)

'[Social media] is good for search, but a waste of time to participate in.'

'My dream is to sell computer parts out of my garage and not waste my time online.'

'No body ever gets famous doing YouTube.'

'Technology changes so fast that trying to do anything is just a waste of time'

'It is just a silly blog spot blog.'

'I will try only when I get the big idea.'

'Only creepy people upload their pictures to Flickr.'

'Why would people even care about what I have to say?'

'It is impossible to make money online through advertising.'

This list is extremely endless. What troubles me are the contradictions in people's logic of wanting to be successful in business but at the same time not seeing how the online game works.

There is no better time or place for opportunity. As technology improves the cracks in the glass ceiling online are getting bigger. Twitter is the best example of this. In a few words Twitter is much easier and more effective way of leveraging a brand than any other user generated content aggregation system. The mystery of this still baffles me but I understand the currency of Twitter.

There was a time when the online world was much like the real world. A few people controlled the majority of the resources. But as technology was created to be easy to use, the Internet went back to the people in a big way. The inventors of this technology are rich, and the top bloggers are now famous but one thing remains the same and that is you matter.

You matter more than you realize you ever could. Your importance transcends your Friends, or the friends of your friends or their friends. All of those formalities matter less and less as technology and online society evolves. Social media is judged in how big of an impact a person can make with zero friends. And the answer is with Twitter and the soon to be released Google Wave you will become extremely important. The only catch is that if you do not use this stuff then you do not really exist. You are checked absent. This is a strange paradox where it seems that we can not have fractions. We either are online or we are not.

So what does this all mean to people who have a fierce interest in Internet business? This means many things. First of all the seemingly most important people online want to collaborate with you. Countless guru level people want you to help them with their projects, they want you to internship with them, they want to connect with you at conventions, and most importantly they will give back if you do this.

What is the reason for this? All experts online to create their level of success did it through using somewhat formulaic systems. They link here, say this there, and talk about that. They have been repeating these things since the 80s or even way before. But now what they say does not matter at all. Why? Because I can say something similar here, or just set up an aggregator and infuriate the pants off of them. Their solo projects no longer matter because of what a powerful force wikinomics and mass collaboration have yielded.

What do they want out of you? To be honest if you have hung around 99.9% of the people out there that follow their supposed passions, they do so for strictly monetary gains. How many people in Silicon Valley or any other tech scene are really there for the love of what they do. I bet they are just riding the wave for money. Am I not right?

Every guru is flooded by these pesky people who come in with the wrong intentions. Most people as a result lay out extremely heavy filters for this. They won't return your email, they will talk to you but they usually call it off.

If you enter the situation with realistic intentions, realistic goals, and honestly want to lend a helping hand your prayer will be answered. There is an extreme scarcity of people who have a genuine interest to learn the craft, to work hard, and in the end pay back for the time. If you can fit the bill the door is open if you know how to find it.

How does social media play into this? The basic premise of social media leveraging is that if you give something away for free then something will come back. The gurus have complex systems of monetization where a slight increase in their network size, work output, or associations will help them gain hundreds of dollars at least a day. This is how the social web is more powerful driver of money than the world wide web.

Do you have examples of where I could find these opportunities? I was recently searching for expert marketers to watch on YouTube of all places. I found quite a few high caliber marketers who specifically wrote on their profile 'I am looking for hard working people, to help me with my online business.' Basically they figured out the system (In many cases this is just a large cash generating well marketed private affiliate program. Have you heard of Post Affiliate Pro 4?) and want you to help them do certain things to help them make more money. Your job is obviously to help them. In return you will get compensated a wage or a percent. Part of these deals are also that you have to make video recommendations about the guru to help them gain more traffic and leads. This whole system sounds a bit simple, antiquated and something people would do on rocking chairs but it is actually the future of Internet marketing. Basically collaboration and cross promotion benefit all people doing this. Think of this system as a business that is in the profession of generating leads, which can be anything. Some people are power sellers on eBay who need people to help promote their bulk discount mall. Other people are just expert affiliate marketers. The newest and most surprising player in this game are none other than big businesses and corporations. They realize that they can get a lot more money by working with people who work online. You can then put this on your online profiles, your work resumes, all the while taking what you learned to further create a residual income online.

What is the end result of this? Basically a breed of highly collaborative entrepreneurs are being born every second. They scour the web in packs and make a lot of money while everyone else is busy checking their mail box and sifting through spam. Most gurus are up to date and too have bloggers to help them, web designers to design, photographers to take film or whatever. Basically there is a brain bleed from the tech scenes of the world (Silicon Valley Included) because the Internet is such a pervasive and global event. As computer access expands this gulf accelerates exponentially to users with full access and the willingness to take advantage of an infiniate ammount of opportunities. Nobody cares that you live in Atlantis, on the moon, the north pole, or the in Outback of pluto. If you are online then you are here. In this spot, in that spot and everywhere. Pretty amazing. Your passion will open up doors for you if you believe in it. It is time to walk through those doors and change the world. Use the wealth of free information as your education, use your online success as your transformation, and use your life for recreation.


The Twitter Hashtag Rosetta Stone

Twitter memes and hash tags are some of the most perplexing things on earth. If people thought communication on blogs was hard just imagine how much communication errors occur on Twitter every second.

I always try to join the conversation. I have a strong desire to learn what other people have to teach me and on Twitter the lesson is only 140 characters long or less!

In previous posts I talked about the 'events' as Biz Stone (the maker of Twitter) likes to call them that occur around # hash tags. In some ways these are like temporary connections. The hash allows people to find their way home. Hash tags bring order to the Twitterverse. Hash tags are virtual town hall meetings where we can all speak at the exact same time! Do you have your microphone?

What The Hash tag is a great site where people can read about, and contribute content, related to hash tags. Joining this site, I would say, is more than a little vital, if you want to not only understand the hash tags, but also meet up with other people who are serious Twitter users.

See you there.

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Why You Would Want To Incorporate Your Blog Content Into Twitter

To succeed on a blog is difficult enough. Many people do so by creating 100 blogs that link in to the master work. Others get big by getting attention while others just do what ever it takes.

The world of blogs is as congested as any event could possibly be. It is hard to even compete for the local niche these days because we all know how tireless these 'citizen journalists' work.

I mean that is the thing do bloggers ever eat or sleep? I highly doubt it. So why not have some post to twitter type of widgets help you gain readers and traffic while you sleep?

We all know how important traffic is to making money, SEO, and leveraging the mass media mechanism that the web has become. If you site is all over Twitter I would call that good exposure. And when some one else promotes your site it is much more powerful then if you were promoting the material.

We must also keep in mind that blogs frequently sited on Twitter tend to get many great comments, have higher reader engagement and are more likely to go big.

You will also gain more Twitter followers which in turn feeds into your whole personal online brand.

I believe that you deserve to have your friends, fans, family, and neighbors promoting the blog content that you work on everyday with services like Tweet Rooster.

This is what the button looks like.

I like the whole call to action Tweet About It slogan. That would also make a good name for a band.

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Understanding Twitter Content Creation

I am sorry for writing so much about Twitter but it is a hot business topic right now. I think it is important to really study twitter to understand how to effectively promote a business or affiliate links for instance. Twitter is more than a long stream of words and links. Twitter is rather a key word driven search economy. The ability for people to effectively use your content for their good depends on how well you communicate online. There is a reason that people have trouble keeping up. The Twitter language evolves so quickly, and so do the 3rd party twitter tools that the game literally changes every second and that is not just an expression. You do not even need followers to start a conversation with the Twitter community if you know the right language. I would liken this to being at Dave and Busters and playing the basket ball game. You see a bunch of hoops. If you throw the ball through the hoop that you did not put your token in then what? This is why deceptive targeting is a waste of time. On the other hand if you throw the basket ball in the hoop you turned on, you may win a prize. This is a parallel of finding the right keywords and symbol scripts like the @s and #s to gain a conversion stream.

One of the most effective ways to move people to your account is through questions. Asking things actually engages people and can activate users. This is why marketers love to tweet questions, symbols, and numbers. These things all trigger an automate response in people. And that is the other side of a 'revenue auto pilot system.' The difference of Twitter and search marketing is that to win Twitter big you need to win the human element as well. This is why blogs are not doing so well these days. People are tired of reading formulaic posts that were created with content creation software. The new dynamic web order is won through relationships and breaking down barriers to information, commerce, and life. Twitter is a first wave tool that is now being revolutionized by the Google Wave. Then what is next?

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How To Magnetically Market To The Mundane Twitter Niche

What many marketers and business types seem to forget is the power of human emotion and connection. I would probably fall into this category. I consistently think of Twitter as just a tool to generate an easy cash flow. This is a trap. Here is my example. We have a mouse which represents the marketer. Then we have cheese which is the money. Rationally we think that we can just grab the cheese because it is there. 'Click here and make money fast' may generate yourself 100 dollars a day but eventually the trap will get you when your brand is damaged. Without an honest brand you will never be able to unload deep hot incentive driven sales. Then what do you do? Resort to being an fictional character online? Do you see where I am going with this?

Most people are not rooted in money. They actually like interacting with other people because it is a free feel good high. This is why people go to cities with intangible costs like fun people, nature and a great place to be for free.

This need for the intangible is a growing trend just look at the Technorati top 100 blogs. The top sites a year ago were all about making money or material things like technology we like to waste money on. There has been a major changing of the guards. New sites have emerged like a few new personal blogs, the food niche, the motor cycle niche, car sites, and other unique and fun niches.

What does this mean to marketers and business people? What it means is that these new profitable niches are emerging. Here is my illustration. We have a niche blog that looks at cities with good wheel chair access. This niche gets high conversions on products that are expensive, help people, are generally a part of the insurance plan so people do not feel they are spending money and the huge demographic retiring with disabilities is enormous. People who need special access, and special needs include nearly every person on earth. Why? Because everyone knows someone in their family or friend who has these problems. As a result every person may have had to research and consume on the topic. But at the same time the information you are providing is an amazing free journey of the heart public service. In this sense starting the conversation you will change the world and spin profits through rewarding people, places, and things that actually cater to people who have trouble doing things.

If you have a good message to promote it on Twitter it would be best not to link drop. The reason? Most people's tweet streams are full of annoying automated spam links. The situation is going to get worse. As a result people will recoil and vote you off the island of people they follow. And statistically when people quit a follow they never ever come back. This equals sad loss for marketer.

Solution? The best thing to do is interact on a conversational way. 'I had breakfast at the Pizza For Breakfast restaurant and they had good wheel chair ramp.' This sentence does not link to anything but it does convey relevant information to you mission of helping people who have to navigate the jungle of abysmal failures we call the urban infrastructure. You could weave this into the sites like Tweet What You Spent to bring in the niche tweet marketing which is highly effective.

Statistically you will get many re tweets off of your stream. This could be incentive to only tweet things that you created like a non link tweet or a link to your brand. Your profile will be then flooded with people looking to follow you based on your niche.(special needs) As a result you will drive conversions from your profile URL which could be your special needs blog if you want to play nice (and get more followers faster) or to a landing page for a special needs product report that you could gain an affiliate income off of. Even better you would compile a list of opt in marketing from your twitter followers and everyone else that opted in elsewhere and have a monthly e newsletter report of the innovations in disability access products. Occasionally you would for good measure have a product email.

At the end of the day most experts and I am not one swear by playing it nice on Twitter to grow brand equity and happy friends that will naturally promote your brand. (you could even have them opt in for that)


The Real Winner Of The Mobile Wars: Blackberry Curve VS IPhone 2009

Unfortunately the debate as to what the best mobile phone may be is highly irrelevant. Sure taking a top flight smart, video, picture, and strong multi media phone may be a lot of fun for Twitter in some ways technology still has not delivered the nugget. Smart phones are still in Beta mode. But the companies know that the hype is all that they need. (On the other hand your iPhone may save your life.)
My dream phone would be as adapted to the mobile environment as computers are now into that environment.

These phones still have incredible features and are a part of a fast evolving mobile technology revolution. (one that takes our money and gives us nothing)

First case in point. We have the iPhone which is one of the most attractive, fluid and advanced American Based phones. (I could only image what phones I could buy in Japan) The iPhone pushed the limits of reinventing the touch pad, and essentially scaled down a web browser to the iPhone. The iPhone has a powerful satellite connection where people can remotely surf the web, check email in the cloud, and text and send media to their friends. The iPhone is well ahead of its time.

What are some reasons not to buy the iPhones:
1. iPhones are extremely expensive. We can for instance post pictures and videos on the web from the free phones that the phone companies give with a plan.

2. The power issue is an on going hurdle for Apple to overcome.

3. You want little buttons.

4. The phone bricks up, but all mobile devices do this so the iPhone is not unique. This is also related to your mobile carrier. So if you can never seem to do what the person does in the commercial I bet I know which company you use! Just kidding but not all phone companies are the same. Choose wisely.

5. The phone has too many features and is too simple. You perfer a more simple time when all we did on phones was live chat.

The arch nemesis of the iPhone which may be the Blackberries took the concept of a regular cell phone, smoothed out the rough edges and added more features and in some models many more buttons. I really like how the Blackberry has many models unlike the iPhone that produces really just one model(sorta 2) per generation.(in larger and smaller size of phone and data capacity) The Blackberry has a battery life that borders on 7 hours which is great for such a powerful phone. Blackberry like the iPhone is a good data transfer phone through the net or even connected to a computer.

What are some reasons not to buy the Blackberry line of phones:

1. In many ways they are similar to any other phone in feel, function, and manoeuvrability. This means that you can't really surf the web but you can use it and sometimes faster than the iPhone.

2. The iPhone and G1 phone are aestetically more pleasing. Think round edges and glowy touch screens! This can be important if you are trying to brand yourself in the business world.

3. The buttons are hard to press that many companies chasing the revolution have done much better.

4. The Blackberry can be more frustrating than the iPhone because it is not very fluid on the web or doing the phone functions. This command delay can be frustrating.

The new kid on the block in the mobile wars is Google's G1(next gen Ion also) Android powered phone. This phone was open source and drew inspiration from tablet computers, the Blackberry, and the iPhone. The G1 Google phone Android technology is currently being employed to other companies. This will probably be the future of smart phone production that the companies will exchange technology to close the gap on the many common smart phone problems. In many ways this phone fused the two but still has functionality, scaling, power, control and other basic problems that smart phones are still working out.

Reasons not to buy the Google G1 Phone: This Android phone is first generation. With the Google talent we all expect the second or 3rd gen Google phones to blow all of the competition out of the water. Also Google seems to love giving away free things. Could computers and phones be next? I am preying for that day to happen.

The next set of phones are the late adaptor clones. There are so many of these but they do represent a great monetary value. If you buy these which on contract they are usually cheap or free you realize that a year from now technology will outrun your phone anyways. Many of these do many of the same things that the phones above do and in some cases a bit 'slower.' On the flip site many clones have internet and multimedia technology comparable to high end smart phones for a fraction of the price. The trade off may be in how the phone runs but if price is an issue there are amazing budget phones that can act like a Blackberry, IPhone or Google phone without the wallet draining price.

Reasons to buy the clones:

Some of these phones may be a laughable pieced together puzzle of different features of different phones but many are doing quite well. I really like how many phones bring powerful browsers like Microsoft my personal favorite computer software and internet company.

Reasons to buy clones:

1. Affordability and convienence.

2. You can do many of the same things that their more expensive relatives can do.

3. You can get on the internet with a low price barrier. (often spooled in with other fees like texting, data exchange, and gps)

Reasons not to buy many clones:

Because many are coming out with new and improved models soon that may bust the big players for a tiny price fraction.

What are some of the mobile wild cards?

Keep an eye out on the Palm phones as well as the Black Jacks. Both are going through major changes this year.

Other rising stars in the smart phone wars are Sony, Mobiado, Nokia, Quallcomm, LG, Koolu, Ericsson, HTC, eNV, General Mobile, RIM, Alcatel, Toshiba, Hitachi, IBM, Mivvy, Modu, and the list goes on forever. It seems like every engineer, tech, electrical and computer company is trying to get a foot in the mobile door.

There are also companies that have many regular phones(like motorola) for people who have a perfect little computer and connect type of card and do not want to waste money on making their phone smart. (this is the cheapest and most powerful way to the mobile net to date.)

To conclude the mobile phones will mature around 10 to 20 years from now. Google is obviously the player that is really sending the competition into overdrive. I expect that many overseas companies will do much better and America will see a more wide spread distribution of many companies that at the moment I am not familiar with but have big market shares in other countries across the globe. The internet is changing with the intruduction of the wave which will play into mobile technology and I suspect that the internet will adapt quicker to mobile phones than mobile phones to the internet. Apps are going to evolve and become much more useful than at present. Once again probably Google will drive this home. And finally besides having robots in our phones I predict that there will come a time when we will not even have mobile phones. I suspect more people will use innovations like Google's wave to just communicate camera to camera on small computers. This will happen when innovation outstrips money and the roof will fall which will happen sooner than we all think. But don't throw away your phones yet because much like TV's we love to hold on to (and waste cash on) useless technology forever!

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