Why Your Videos Matter

More brand building can be constructed through video than any other medium. Video is something people can interact with. They can related to you. They also see that you are real and willing to take the time to make videos. Videos will out perform even sampled content is driving traffic and conversions. Video may be your most valuable content and what stays around long after your website is gone. People who watch your video will be your most loyal fans, and what you learn through videos will probably be the biggest business insights that you ever figure out. Many of the best bloggers have quit to just make video full time. We need not forget how insignificant words are compared to video. Words are a form of communication. Video communicates through emotion which is the primary drive of people. Online video has revolutionized blogging, the internet and beyond. Images are what largely drive commerce, culture, and advertising. We associate with images to define our identity. We are told to be fans of images and concepts. Images can make us feel uncomfortable, happy, sad, and elated. But unlike pictures a video takes away control from your audience. We can look at an image and eventually it is meaningless. The diminishing returns on a video are much different.

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