Why Twitter Hype Can Not Be Separated From Twitter Technology

I remember once reading a comment on youtube around 2007. The comment said to the pro blogger who made the video, effectively the only reason people watched the video, was because it was on a high traffic blog. One side of me said yeah is that not the whole point of youtube, to increase your visibility, even if you need to promote it on your hot web properties? Why do we need to be a nobody to be allowed to put up videos. But than I felt the other side of the coin. These celebrities were stealing the wind, and traffic from many fan(boys) of youtube. I could see how this could be frustrating. People made and make youtube their life. If youtube can not give them what they want, then it is a messed up community. Well in steps twitter actually before I read that. But twitter is chugging along. Evolving its hype to the point of hysteria, in a short time. The celebrities came a long, and once again, we have people bringing external hype to win twitter. And they did win. But twitter is actually different than youtube. Fundamentally, twitter is a place where more people can succeed, who have nothing. Let me say that again. You do not have to have much, to do well on twitter. And twitter will have a positively impact your business. I have seen more people do well on twitter who have struggled for years on youtube, blogs, facebook, chat rooms, and every other thing thrown our way online. The hype is only helping this. Hype is the fuel, that makes every person create a site about twitter. These services are designed to help everyone. For instance if someone who follows you, or who you are following used an automated twitter traffic machine, you will receive benefits for doing nothing. This is the twitter ripple effect where there are so many people shaking the lake, that you need not create a wave to surf it. With twitter, people do not need the fanciest technology, to help them. People win with very simple pages, and well executed marketing. There are people who could not get a person to their blog. They open up a twitter account and now their blog is in the top hundred thousand sites. Twitter is a crack in the glass ceiling of online success. Make the most of it.


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