Why Trading Is Bigger Business Than Money Making

Just the fact that people make billions of dollars trading forex proves that there is something fundamentally wrong with money. The issue is that money changes its value all of the time. As a result people who do not have much money suffer horribly. In steps the Internet. So much junk is traded online that a new non money economy has emerged. If you want to live in Los Angeles on some one's porch for instance you could accomplish this online. A few telephone calls and you got is for free. If you need a chair and you have a bunch of tires you could do this trade on craigslist or eBay. If you want a new faucet you could trade your microwave for one on the face book. Increasingly this 'underground' economy is making people extremely rich. Whether is be that Canadian person selling a paper clip for a house there are countless examples around the world. The richest people who will emerge from this recession will trade into people's junk namely buy old stuff for money, store it, then take the junk to market. Some might call this the antique business. I call it the best make money fast opportunity ever. Like how much capital do you need to break this business? The answer is practically nothing. If you want to be rich do not hedge your bets on the faltering currencies of the world. Rather put your time, talent, and treasure into trading stuff. You will become rich and thank me personally!


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