Why Pay For Your Blogger Template, When You Can Get One Free

There is a big push for people to buy premium themes, templates, graphics, and functions for websites. Whether this stuff is good or not I really am not here to judge. But according to Vic SBI or Site Build It (for example, etc)is not the best value for niche bloggers and other marketers. The reason comes down to economics.

(A friend of mine wanted to get a site going. I told him how the images and stuff can help, and be fun to pop in. But I also want to emphasize that niche marketing does not really care if the blog theme is bad. Some of the most basic themes actually drive up ad revenue for reasons that I do not completely understand.)

On the other hand the list of free graphics and themes is endless. Just go to any design orientated site and they will run down some tight themes and stuff. A theme that I got on some of my other blog spot sites that is cool is from B Themes. I had their mac theme on this site but I stripped it because I change themes a lot. The mac theme was really detailed and fun. I believe there is an intrinsic fun aspect to themes. I recently popped the Dfire Dark theme on another site and I am stoked. It really set the mood on the site where I want to talk about things. The theme really blew me away like staring into some dark forest out in the country side.

Also an aside I am looking for a free blogger blog spot theme that is robot orientated so if anyone knows of one please leave a message, or message my twitter account that would be extremely very much so appreciated. So far my hunt for a free robot theme has been abysmal. Are robots going out of style and I am just crazy, or am I so far ahead of the curve that I am on to something? You be the judge.

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