Why Keeping Up With Social Media Does Not Make Sense

The whole original point of social media and technology was to save us all time. Unfortunately the opposite is true. Time is something that we do not have now. Add insult to injury we need time to make money online. So how can we create time? We can automate our social media. Twitter for example every second matters. Nobody really cares that you have basic needs like eat and sleep. People only care how much you tweet! So what is the ultimate marketer secret solution to this gigantic problem? The answer is Future Tweets. This is a powerful tool. Imagine auto scheduling promotions during the times that everyone is on twitter to max profits. Imagine leaving tweets all day long even while you are asleep. Even having your tweet number go up is good for your ctr. And money is every thing. The uses for this tool are endless. Future Tweet should be well worn and in every twitter master's tool box!

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