Why Does Google Now Use The Blogger Icon?

Maybe it is just my computer, but I have noticed that google is not sporting a proud orange square white b. This is the same icon used for blogger. What is the deal?

I am really more interested in how to be successful in marketing. This is an amazing list. The list may make some people want to rethink their motivations. I say if the energy leads you to online marketing, then it is just destiny. Accept it. Some people might get that degree from the University of San Franscisco which AdSense has been promoting a lot. Any school that has to market the degree this much makes me question how good it is. After all Princeton does not have to knock on doors to have people line up for admissions. Some people may not even need a business if they just found some good ways to save the green skins on twitter. Some other may just automate a daily twitter ad to pay the bills. Whatever floats your boat. But if there are waves grab the surfboard and catch a wave.


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