Why Do Internet Technology Projects Always Fail In The Corporate World

Businesses love and hate internet technology experts. On one hand they love it when they come in and hit the button that magically fixes the business online network site. Businesses hate having to dish out big bills to people who come into the office in Hawaiian shirts and sandalls. Because of the so called cultural differences, internet technology projects in business are always abismal failures. This makes all tech companies stoked when they realize that no body can ever touch them. If you worked in the google IT department for instance you would not have to waste your time explaining over and over again why some technology rocks while people stare at you and do not know a thing you are saying. If you worked in google you would not have to fill out a form that explains how better computers and internet technology networks will increase the bottom line. Unfortunately we can't all live in Mountain View, Ca with its perfect weather, wifi and every important tech figure ever just hanging out at the coffee shop. Most people who graduate with technology degrees are forced to work for companies that in all honesty do not know that the internet even exists. Obviously the pay checks that help us pay rent, or the payments on stuff, or get us our house force use into less than ideal situations. I believe any job like this should be a stepping stone. Use them for the recommendation then get the heck out of there.


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