Why Do All Template Design Sites Take So Long To Load

This is a question that I am extremely curious about. I have noticed this, because I am always looking for wordpress and blogger templates than the ones I have. This has led me to many template sites. Every single one of them seems to load super slow. Some of the templates even come with some goodies like AdSense for the template builder or whatever. I realize that part of it may be the way that these sites are put together. Many images, lists, and stuff like that generally slows the page loading. Also the template files are on the site are yet one more thing that could slow the page. Thirdly sites that deal in templates want to put the best theme on their site. The prettiest themes are generally the slowest. The boxiest and widget heavy themes are also extremely slow. I guess I sorta answered my own question. But I am sure that there are more answers to I will turn it over to the ibrpro.com viewer expert panel for the real truth.

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