Where Exactly is Social Media Taking Marketers Today

There is a lot of buzz around the web today about social media marketing. The article points out various lessons. I believe the most important lesson is opening up twitter accounts for all people you work with. Official tweets are what the platform was made for and would make its developers blush big time. Secondly it is important to realize that social media marketing campaigns can fail and fail big. In many cases the buzz around a failed campaign can raise sales just as well. I call this fail marketing strategy. Thirdly it is not how many friends you can get but how viral your friends are. If you get streams of friends, and they spread your stories then they are good. Marketers often do not consider who they are adding and often make tragic mistakes. One major mistake is marketing to marketers. No body will buy a product that they them selves are marketing. This is counter intuitive but a mistake many people make. Fourth know the language. Too many movies for example market on YouTube and fail to grasp the whole reason around 75 percent of the people use YouTube. Being ignorant of your audience is a classic communication error. Fifth know where social media is headed. The story changes every day. It may help to keep up with blogs, read traditional media, study wikipedia, and google all day long. Sixth is the power of re branding. Every social media super star knows the power of re branding. They do it every day. Re branding allows a fresh look. Track the results and keep a log. This way you can tell what worked well and what flopped. Seventh leave a comment. This is the greatest secret ever.


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