Where Can I Land Some Sweet Blogging Lessons Fast

If I was a con artist I might say that blogging is the future. It is not.

Robots my friends are better bloggers than people. Robots can replicated themselves and these new robots can blog. On the other hand if you control some robots then you are the robot leader. This is good. Blogs like robots are self replicating life forms. Blogs go viral, blogs got to sleep, blogs reproduce, blogs are copied, blogs are pasted, blogs have feeds, blogs breathe oxygen. Blogs are people, blogs are businesses blogs are establishments.

The bloggers who win the blog game have a plan. They integrate all of the great social media sites like twitter into their blogging. Bloggers build brands, create sales funnels, and make money. Blogs of all types do well but if you want to make an exceptional amount of money your blogs must be very good. Just recently I stumbled on a diamond in the rough. The blog is called Blogging Lessons. This blog was first opened up in 2005 with the final post in 2007 which is ancient history in the fast paced tomorrow land world we live in.

But this blog seemed to spin the blog on blogging truisms pretty well. Let me tell you I learned stuff and I am not easily impressed. But at the same time blogs on blogging may be breaking down. Blogs on tweeting are the future blogs on blogging. My advice is to maybe ignore your blog for the day. Instead blog on myspace.

Create a sales funnel with your myspace page to an affiliate link. Use some good text and video to lure. Then report back to this post and tell me how much cold hard cash you made. Wait a second I was supposed to only talk about blogging. Why do my conversations with the world always turn to money!?


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