What Motivates You To Succeed in Business?

I may not have a single answer of how motivation is defined, edited, or used. I recently read a motivation related blog article that got me thinking. How is it that you shape yourself? Most entrepreneurs that are successful never woke up and said I want to do this. Usually the genesis is a long evolution. Many times success comes in messaging. These little bursts of good give people fuel to be motivated when times are tough. This is why certain people seem to be able to walk up stream back wards with their eyes closed. Could it be a better life, or just better fortune? Many people are driven to ideals. These are distant mottled lights that symbolize hope. We see this in the Grand Canyon and we see this up in the north woods. I believe most entrepreneur has been in a spot where they can not get across and the only way to create a bridge is to take the leap. The journey is long but can be done by those that want it. Why do you do what you do today? Are you living in the past or are you willing to try new and innovative things to drive the green backs into your hand. The most visionary people live a life of growth. They grow and can easily abandon old chapters of the book and move on. They never waste their life doing failed ideas. Are you relevant? I mean this in the most honest form. Do your actions have relevance to your business plan? Are you in the zone? Do you have the eye of the tiger? Specifically what are you doing now that could pan out and get your real beautiful gold!? If you could turn back the time where would you go? If you could go to the future what would you be? Take these two principles and make them the present. Who do you admire? Try being like them for a day. Then the next day pick some one else. Play these games so you learn to not take these figures to task. They are themselves and you are your own person. Live it up. What have you done lately that is genuinely fun and social? We are social people. Do not lock yourself in a room and work on your Internet business forever.

Make it a habit of breaking your habits. It is good to do things every day but do you really need to do the same thing for hundreds of days in a row? That is what is so different of the internet and business you can set your own hours. You can do what you want. You can sell any product online you want. You can have a completely origional blog. You can be cooler than any person on twitter. You are a bird take flight. Set big goals. Every night before you go to bed imagine what it would be like to have a billion dollars versus a trillion dollars. This mental activity will make you take your business seriously because you see exactly what is at stake.


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