What Is The Future Of Myspace

According to an article that I am reading, claimed that Myspace traffic and revenue are down. According to Alexa Myspace Traffic is going up actually. I have no idea what their revenue is. One thing I have noticed lately with Myspace are those gigantic advertisements across the top. It is hard to even know what to do. Myspace has always been confusing but this is as maxed out confusing as a site can get. I really hope that myspace regroups from loosing a lot of traffic to facebook. I think if they hired some brilliant engineers myspace could become the next twitter. As a marketer I would rather all social media do well. This would give me options. Twitter is huge now but that does not mean in a year it could be gone. On the internet things happen fast. I miss the days of old when business never stopped. Just kidding I really do not care because if Myspace tanked it would have no effect on me. I hardly even know how to use it! Help Tom!


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