What Drives 86.3 Percet Of Money Bloggers To Blog Constantly

To many people blogging seems like a simple mechanical act. Everyone is doing it. A post here, a post there and soon enough the word blog becomes legitimate. To these people blogging is a waste of time. Why not just go outside? Why not just have a good time in life?

To the money blogger every Penny earned blogging is one less cent that needs to be earned in the corporate world. Many people may call this glass half full bubbling over the brim perspective as being nothing more than the gamblers fallacy. But in my mind, I am the one always picking up pennies and I see a penny here. And I do not mind those affiliate checks in the mail!

The biggest misconception about making money online is how difficult it is. Often less is more. Why waste your time promoting your site, building a beautiful site, or really doing anything when all you have to do is row out the posts. Pop a few ads and you are golden.


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