What Do Network Marketing, And Social Media Have In Common?

Nothing makes me laugh at all of the made up words for the same thing. The focus of marketing now is Twitter. Until the hype dies down twitter is the best. According to this article the future of network marketing and business is the mlm multi level marketing game. The article did not go into what makes a good marketer. The answer is that good marketers understand the tools and techniques that allow them to succeed. They also understand social media. According to this article the home based business thing is easy. So who are we to believe? I have not a clue. In this article there are claims to why old media is not social. The real reason is that because they are going out of business they are not considered media anymore. Who cares right? I am more concerned with the latest Twitip roundup than anything else. The latest and greatest Twitter people, places, and things seems so important and relevant. And we always have to focus on design.


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