Ways To Crack The Twitter Code

Twitter is in many ways a journey. Just like video games there is a learning curve. We have to find the first level and get the gold nugget or whatever. And just like in video games we see emerging patterns in apps, tools, and twitter tricks. We get better at finding this stuff. As a result over time if people apply themselves to twitter they naturally get better with it.

Twitter is a social media site that actually gives back. I know countless people who got abysmal traffic on other social media. They turned to twitter as a last ditch effort and are now rock stars.

On the other hand I have entrepreneur friends who are teetering on ideas. I keep telling them that social media will help make their dreams come true. Twitter is the ONLY social media site at the moment that truly connects all people in both an intimate and practical way. Twitter is in a league of its own.

Among the Tweet Later type of tools I will bring fourth another one called Easy Tweets. Easy Tweets is both free and for pay and does some automation.

Tools are what make twitter fly. Think of them as time and productivity hacks. Your followers will like you more because using automation tools can bring out your professionalism and skill. Twitter is great. I love twitter.

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