Viral Video Grows In 2009

Viral video may be one of the most important online social media events. Few ways can people so readily connect in so many ways. Live online TV has brought great interaction. New evidence suggests that videos sites like YouTube are expanding quickly. People look more seriously every day at online video and how it can effectively build brands and leverage markets. Twitter has made viral video even more viral. Micro blogging increases the speed at which video content travels around the world. This makes time sensitive video content able to more effectively leverage social search, and this creates a much stronger long tail content dispersal than the world has ever seen. Micro blogging is also making videos with smaller info more viral. In the past many social marketing guru's evangelized the long and complex descriptions. After all the more specific we get the higher Roi, active users, and conversions can be expected. Micro blogging has changed all of this. Ideas must be within the span of 140 characters including spaces. With the re tweet as the ultimate democracy of this system people will have a hard time re tweeting things that do not have a simple concept. An example may include a twt pic and caption that reads 'my friend is hungry' and have a picture of a dog with its whole head in the food bag. This differs from what succeed before twitter which might be a caption 'pug eats hungry dog brand dog food.' As anyone can see that the brand may have been good in a google search. In a twitter search on the other hand, and in twitter meme people look harder for feeling. If the information is now there must be some kind of emotional marketing.


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