Using Scepticism To Uncover The Money Making Process

There is a big backlash online against the big make money online movement. Many people see it as a scam and have rightfully so created numerous blog posts, forums, videos and more online to uncover how these scams work. For me I only laugh because any time some one is trying to sell something I ask questions. Why? Because sales and marketing thrive in not telling the truth, pseudo spirituality, or having in answer. Rather marketing plays into beliefs, values, ambitions, goals and dreams. Because of this I take the free stuff and make the most of it. What are some examples of me doing this process?

1. I go to a site and take a few good free twitter automation tools and use them to gain more followers. At the same time I avoid buying the 300 dollar twitter automation to millions book and robot.

If you look at what I have done above, I chose a path where I can't get burned. We all know how important social media is. And we all know how important having the right tools is. And we all know how important branding and marketing are. So I put that together and only spend money on things like domains and other stuff that have redeeming real immediate values versus the get rich and happy quick medicine show dreams. Some stuff may work but 99.9% are just excellent ways to take our money.

If you have ever been to a big city you would know what I am talking about. People who are exposed every day to the mass market are extremely sceptical. I had a rich friend for instance in the city who would never pay anything expensive. He would shop at quality super discount stores and had a really good spending record. This was contrary to the fact that he did have basically the unlimited income. He cared little of money. Rather his rational choices increased the quality of his life. I believe that just rejecting scams for what there are, is a simple way to have a better, deeper and more fulfilling life. The best things in life are free and that applies to brand building on the net. If you need more information on being sceptical check out the blog Sceptico. Basically reasoning through things is both enlightening and probably a sane approach to all aspects of our lives including making money online. Enjoy the journey but most importantly live in this moment, it is really all we got.

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